Sunday, May 28, 2006

Hello From California

Now I'm here, typing using my mom's computer.

Hello from California - The OC, to be specific.

Have you ever had the feeling that you really want to work on a film, but yet you don't have what it got - or even, you don't meet the casting director's expectation?

I have.

I recently auditioned for a director whom I totally admire for his (extreme) talent and vision in his works. However, someone, I felt short during the audition and didn't really meet the director's vision in the character.

Then later on, someone who I also worked with in the past, landed the role. For him, he felt it was a piece of cake. But for me, I felt lost.

Seriously, the feeling sucked.

Perhaps, I really do need to take time off from murdering my time with all those gigs, and really concentrate on improving my acting skills.

I have worked with so many amazing actors. Each one of them pocessed refined acting skills and techniques of many depth. I have learned from many, but also felt intimated by some.
Sometimes, I felt I have been up-staged, and sometimes I just knew that I'm "FLAT" on screen.

I'm only giving myself 2 more years to work in the Acting business... I want to do as many works as possible... I'm not sure if I'm able to find a balance between Acting School, Filming, my Day time job, and keeping my health in top grade.

Ever heard of the saying..."Quality, Not Quantity?"

True. That's very true. I rather work on quality projects than something that I would never show to family and friends.

I've got to think hard and plan out what I"m going to do this year.

Time is precious.

And I'm not any day younger either.

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Dr.Philomena said...

Wayne congratulations on everything! I think its a great idea that you're blogging from here. You are a talented writer! Good Luck!