Thursday, November 13, 2008

Acting Schools & Workshops in Los Angeles

Previously, I have blog about Acting Schools & Seminars in New York. The list kept on growing... Because I have been added new information whenever I came across them. So, those of you who have been following my blog... Should check back on my entries. (I have added the LA and NY school information to my links section (*points to the left*)

Anyway, being originally from Los Angeles, I've decided to maintain a list of Acting Schools/Studios and Workshops for those who are interested in continue your training, as well as learning more about the business of acting.

I welcome any suggestions that you have. You can either leave me a comment, or through my email.

Acting Schools / Studios in Los Angeles

American Academy of Dramatic Arts
Lee Strasberg Theater and Film Institute
Stella Adler Acting Studio
Atlantic Acting School - LA
Baron Brown Studio
The Actors Circle
Elizabeth Mestnik Acting Studio
Larry Moss Studio
Margie Haber Workshops
Brian Reise Acting Studios
Aaron Speiser Acting Studio
JRose Studio
Ivana Chubbuck Studio
Lynette McNeill Acting Studio
Scott Sedita Acting Studio
Anthony Meindl Actor's Workshop
Bjorn Johnson Workshop
Leslee Dennis Workshop
Annie Grindlay Studio
Bernard Hiller Acting Studio
Bill Howey Acting Studio
Aquila Morong Studio for Actors
Mother of Invention Acting School
Carole D'Andrea: Classes for Actors and Singers
The Groundlings Theatre
John Sudol Studio
Celebration Theatre
Catherine Carlen Acting Workshop
The Ardavany Approach
Lesly Kahn & Company
Jeremiah Comey Film Acting Studio
Kimberly Jentzen Studio
Lewis Smith's Actors Academy
Nikolai Guzov Acting Studio
Tim Phillips Studio
Bob Krakower
Gloria Gifford Conservatory
Beverly Hills Playhouse Acting School
Metchik Studio
Actors Boot Camp.

Commercial Workshops

Killian's Commercial Workshop
Hey, I Saw Your Commercial
One Day Commercial Intensive with Michael Donovan Casting
Stuart K Robinson Creative Workshop
Talent To Go
Carolyne Barry Acting Workshops
Porter Kelly Commercial Workshop
Commercial Break

Workshops and Seminars

Actors Network
Actor Site
Reel Pros
The Network Studio
The Casting Network
Act Now!
Casting Network
Pro Actors
One on One Productions
TVI Studios
AIA Actors Studio
ITA Productions
Actors Key
Actors West
JB Casting Network Workshops
The Actors Collective
Industry Alliance
LA Connection
Show & Tell Workshop
Actors Creative Workshops
SSLA Studio
Steve Eastin Studio
Actor's Advantage
Dominion Entertainment
Acting Professionally
Actors Evolution
SAG Foundation


Cricket Feet Showcase
Mark's Showcase
Twenty-Something Showcase

Special Workshops

No Budget Film School
Cold Reading with Amy Lyndon
Film Actor's Academy with David Kang Casting
Matthew Barry (Casting Director) Workshop
Craig Wallace Audition Technique Workshop
Jack Plotnick Workshop
Acting Classes via Podcast by Renita.


Bonnie said...

Cool! Thanks for including the Cricket Feet Showcase. :) Also might want to add the awesome network showcases and the Thirtysomething Showcase (for actors in the age range of, well, 30). Also Mark Sikes produces a regular showcase and Gloria Gifford does too. :)

Just sharing the love. :) But again, thanks for including Cricket Feet! Much appreciated. :)

A Wonderfulcow's Diary said...

Thank you so much for the suggestions!! I can't find "Thirtysomething Showcase" online... Hrm... There are still so much I'm not aware of in Los Angeles.

I do so more investigation when I'm back in LA this Christmas.

Bonnie said...

Oops! I totally got it wrong! It's the Twentysomething Showcase! Ack!! (I think some of the actors are over 30, so I got myself convinced the name of the showcase was different. LOL)

Anyway, it's great.

I've also received mailers for a few other showcases just this week, so a bunch are going on lately. Definitely worth checking out!

Enjoy your research! :)

Acting Schools said...

Thanks so much for this! This is exactly what I was looking for

Mother of Invention Acting School said...

Thanks for including Mother of Invention Acting School. Much obliged!