Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Not so bad...

Well, I guess I wasn't doing so bad. Just recently, I got offered a part from an audition a month ago. (or longer, I don't recall)

It's for a short film called "Catchin' Up with Fred." (Starring Jonathan Haford) And the name of character that I will protrait is "Miranda."

I know. You must be thinking....Miranda?! Isn't that woman's name?

Well, it is. The character of "Miranda" is a transexual prostitute. "Miranda" only appears in two scenes. So, it's a supporting role (or aka Cameo).

There's no small roles, but small actors.

And I'm going to be my best, and enjoy the character as much as I can. Besides... I haven't had the chance to protrait a "Transexual" character before, I certainly would love to add this character to my resume. (And reel)

Wait, does that mean I have to dress up like this?

Another news - I was offered the role of "General Yugosami" for an Indie Horror Film "Blitzkrieg." Filming should start sometime between late August and early September. I can't release much of the film information, but my character is (tada, another camero role) a bad a$$ guy who ended in blood bath. Another awesome character that I can add to my resume/reel.

With all these going on, auditions, rehearsals, day job, plus traveling plans. I'm not sure if I have more room for more gigs....

"The Setup" will resume filming next month. 4 days (weekends) of filming - hopefully, we will be able to wrap up the entire production.

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