Saturday, August 12, 2006

Miranda Miranda Miranda

So that was my character name in "Catchin' Up with Fred."

The filming started this Friday - and I"m done with my part today. (I know. It's a supporting role, but hec, I was both fabulous and DAMN SCARY in the film)

Just look at the wig they gave me.

And the lepord print dress.

And the "Fire and Ice" Lipstick by Revlon.

I sure looked like a middle age pre-op transexual prositute who'se into beads and shopes at Salvation Army stores. (Nothing wrong with that. Vintage = Awesome)

But it sure was a long day. It actually took a little while for the crew to setup and start filming, mainly because there were limited of open space. (This happens when filming at an apartment. The crew will have to take time to clean up and move some of the stuffs to give space for th equpements)

The actors were faulous. Those have worked with me in various of films would know, that I tend to stay in Character through out the entire production. (Other than dring Lunch/Dinner time) And speak to other casts as the character.

Katie (Who played Barbara) was pretty neutral - I would tell that she was 1/2 staying in character, 1/2 visualizing the scenes she would be in. A definate 'Planner' actress. Due to very little interaction with her character... I don't get to learn as much as I wanted with her acting style and techniques.

Jonathan 1 (Who played Fred) - well, as a Broadway train actor, he pretty much blocked all distraction out outside of the scene. He definately had deteremin how he would protrait Fred - step by step. But I felt he doesn't react to other actor's action... He basically act out what he imagine how "Fred" would react to certain actions. Perhaps this was his method. (Or I was just getting the wrong impression) I get to have some little interaction... Well, a LOT of physical interaction with his character. But I didn't feel any "feedback" from him during our scenes. For example, I was poking and stroking him with my finger... But his body or arm didn't react to my touch. During the several takes, his reaction would always be the same - as if they have been planned... Doesn't matter where or how hard I stroke him. (Ah, I'm not saying he's a bad actor or anything. Just that I have never worked with anyone who took that types of approach.) Again, his "Fred" was protrait in a very settle "Evil" way. The type of character that you won't know that he's a baddie until the end.

Jonathan 2 (Gary) was great. If I'm a casting director, I'd definately put Jonathan's headshot on my "Character Actor" Wall of Fame. I think there's a very natural way about him. He reacts and acts. I only have very few interaction with him in the scene, but he'd actually look at me in the eys, and react to the energy that I was projecting. - Maybe it's just me. But this allows me to bring out more of "Miranda's" character. I mean, it's totally awesome that he would react to me outside of the scene when I make erotic comments as Miranda. - Probably he really sees me as "Miranda" or he's not afraid of Pre-Op Transexual Prositiutes.

I've noticed that some of the crew were "terrorized" by my actions. (Yeah. Jared. You. I saw chills climbing up your back as I was posing against the door. Muhahahaha.)

Over all, I wasn't happy with my performance. I managed to bring some of the quality that I wanted Miranda to be. When my character was seducing Fred, I'd pulled off the Samtha deep voice... And jump back up to Regina's bubble gum voice and attitude when I'm not interacting with Fred. I also used the Flying Monkey at the ending scene. But still, the entire time, I felt much more like a Drag Queen instead of a Transgendered 'Woman.' Hack, I was cross-dressing for chicken's sak. I really do admire Felicity Huffman's approach in Transamerica. She's an amazing actress.

*stretch* Anyway. It's over now - time for me to focus on the next project.

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Jonathan Harford said...

Thank you so much for the complimentary words! I really enjoyed our scene. Who knows, maybe we'll work together in the future?

You going to be at the wrap party tonight? I may try to make it, but I have an audition and a filming of another project and I don't know how long it'll take.