Sunday, August 06, 2006

The Setup

As of today, "The Setup" has been offically wrapped.

It all started August 2005... When I first went to Katherine Gibbs school for an audution. At there, I met Charlene, an actress whom I read with during the audition.

The strange thing was, the audition wasn't traditional.

We were asked to act out a specific scene several times... When I mean SEVERAL times... it was SEVERAL times. I think we spent almost 1.5 hours at the room.

Anyway, couple days letter, I got an email from the Director and was offered a support role. (I guess I wasn't 'fierece' enough to be the bad guy)

Then that was the beginning of the production.

And believe me, from this production, I get to meet so many wonderful and talented people.

During the course of filming, there have been lots of changes, and... more changes. From the casts, to the roles that I was offered originally.

From being the lead actor's younger brother to the ultimate villain, there's isn't much for me to complain about. Since, being the Villain is much a bigger role than my original character.

But that made me wonder, was I a replacement mainly due to the director couldn't find someone to play the role, or was it my acting ability that convinced the director? How come I didn't get 'upgraded' to be the leading hero man?

Doesn't matter anymore. I enjoy being a part of the movie, being part of the cast, and being able to work with fellow actors and actresses and director and assistance director ahd fight choregrapher. We have contributed massive amount of time in this production, and the last day was very rewarding.

Especially for me, I think. Since I have been on the 'train' since day 1 of the production. I was so relieved that I slept my way (on the train) home.

After a year, we have finally completed filming "The Setup." - I'm not expecting the post production to go fast, since there are limited access and time to the editing tools.

But I have faith, that the end product will be nice.

I mean, I have plenty of a$$ shot in the film, of course it's gonna good.

***Project Line Ups***

1) Mandarin Chinese Voice Over for Training Materials
2) "Civil Union Stage Reading" - Mr. Shaolin
3) "Catchin' Up with Fred" - Miranda
4) "Blitzkrieg" - General Yugosami

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