Tuesday, September 05, 2006

From Frenzied Guy to China Chef

For the production of "Cornstarch Gizmo" by Astro Saladino, I was originally cast as the "Frenzied Business Man" - but after meeting with Astro, he actually created a new character for me. Which, I was way flattered and surprised by it. (He casted someone else as the 'Frenzied Business Man') Having to add an additional part in the existing script, this may alter the flow of the story line, as well as the production schedule.

But we did it. In a way. I think all the casts pulled it together - I get to observe other actors doing their scene, and totally Wooo Ahhhhh by their performance. We had solid stage actors, commercial actors, people who took classes at Actor's Studio... People who had soap experience... etc. Everyone brought in their own sparks and styles to the film.

That's Hot.

A little bit about my character... "The Chinese Man" (Or Chinese Restaurant Owner) - My character's main objective, is to express the frustration of being treated differently, just because of he is of a different ethnic group. People sees him differently, people treats him different, and people suspect him of every wrong doings.

Instead of doing the typical "Angry Asian Man" - I gave my character a high level of insecurity. I sort of playing it off having Foreigner being treated differently by the Native, this Foreigner also becomes 'hyper" sensistive by people and things that are different around him. Just to go with the flow with such a neurotic script, I also gave my character a "hummingbird heart" - so he jumps or reacts to anything that moves or shines.

My character's monologue requires doing some "Meowing" at the beginning and at the end. The "meowing" part reflects psychotic state of the character. By meowing, he was expressing the unjust treatment he got from his customers. Instead of doing the "meow meow meow hello kitty cat meow meow meow" - I allowed my character to be "possessed" by the spirit cat. So the meowing would sound as autenthic out of a man's mouth as possible. An autenthic dying cat meow.

The first couple scenes, all the supporting were involved. At one part, all of us had to lay on top of the wet lawn and be 'dead.' And oh my gosh, there were mosquitoes. Mosquitoes!
(I'm terrified of mosquitoes! I get hyper sensistive reaction to their bites!!) - and I got bitten... 3 times. But since we were all professionals.. we lay there like dead bodies, allowing the mosquitoes to fest on us.

Despite the mosquitoes "battle" wounds, it was definately a "Character" that I would like to add to my reel. I'm glad to be part of the production.

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