Monday, December 11, 2006

Maybe It's a Sign

That this is the month where I need to let my body rest.

1) "Walk Away" - Got post ponded to Spring 2007.

2) "Detective Movie" - Got Cancelled due to Family Issues with one of the producers.

3) "Paper Girl" - Production is running. But I have only completed 1 out of 3 scenes that involves my character. Most likely, the two scenes will be shot in Spring 2007.

4) "Blitzkrieg" - Confirmed that the shoot will be in January 2007.

So pretty much, the shoots that have been scheduled for those months all got moved to next year. I was pretty down about it - since I'm used to running around auditioning and filming during week nights and weekends. To think of it, now since I don't have that many gigs attached, I could actually enjoy my weekends and catch up with friends. Plus the fact that last week, I broke up in hives again - which, will definately made it tough on set, or impossible to go through long hours at photo shoots.

What do you think about my new headshot?

It's very different from a traditional headshot. In this photo, it show my entire arm, and part of forehead is covered by my hand... It also showed my shoulder. At least, my agents haven't been giving me problems with how I looked in the photo.... Hopefully, with this 'non-traditional' headshot, it will catch the Casting Director's attention...

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