Monday, February 05, 2007

Yep. I do have Makeup

Recently, on a shoot, one of the crew members asked me:

"Wayne, how come you know so much? Like a girl."

My reply was:

"When you're in this business, you need to know. If not, your agent will tell you."

I'm referring to me knowing so much about makeups and skincare products.

I still remember the first time I met with an talent agent back in San Diego, she gave me 3 rules that all actors and model should follow.

1) Sun Block. Sun Block. Sun Block!
2) 20 minutes a day, lay on your back and lift your legs up against a wall.
3) Stay away from the SUN!!

This apply to both MEN and WOMEN.

Are you surprised these rules are not "Don't Eat Chocolate!" "Don't eat Fatty Food!" Right?

Because for changes in body weight, we can always workout and excercise to get back in shape. But with sun damange and aging spots - makeup can only cover so much. There's no way you can get your skin back to its youthful complextion.

That's why I always wear day cream with SPF 20.

Being an actor (or model) you never know when you will be call to attend a casting session. (We call it "Go See") Usually, the agent would inform the talent a day or two before the casting session. But there are times it was a emergency casting call, and you have to do your best to attend. And of course, you can't go if you are not looking properly.
And there are times when you are out on set, and asked about Makeup artist...

Crew: "Makeup artist? Who? Oh, we don't have any."

Then it will be YOUR responsibilty to make yourself look presentatble on screen. Definately de-shine your face. And of course, you can never look PALE and TIRED on screen, unless it's part of your character description. But unlike female talents out there, the men don't need to use all these wide variety of products. For as far as I know, we only need to make sure we look flawless and NATURAL. No crazy lip sticks, no blushes, and definately no fake eye lashes.

So, here are some stuff that I *always* carry with me in my bag. In case a Makeup artist is not available on a photoshoot or film set, I can do min. touch-up to prevent myself from looking like sh*t on camera.

For Face: Missha Skin Powder Foundation (Warm20) - Yes. I do use and carry foundation with me. This light weight powder foundataion helps me to reduce the shine on my face (I have oily skin), as well as covering up some acne scars and blemishes. (Guys, don't be scare of buying these stuff - If you are an Actor or a Model, it's your duty to look flawless.)

For Eyes: Inositol Vegetal Smoothing Eye Cream - If not required, you should elimate any signs of dark circle around your eyes. Because on screen, you will look very tired. The cream that I usually use contains light-reflecting particle. So when light hits your face, the reflecting particle will make the dark circle less visible on camera. There are other brands out there that are pretty effective. Like the Aveeno Eye Cream, Dove Brightening Cream, Body Shop's Kinetin Eye Treament and Camomile Moisturinzing Eye Cream.

Lips: Any Non-Glossy chapstick is fine. Always keep your lips looking healthy and suppled. Use it before you go to bed, and whenever you wash your face.

Of course, there's also hair styling products, facial wash, traveling size shampoo, and tissue paper that you should keep some where accessible. (at work, in gym bag, etc) For your information, i also have razor blades and shaving balm at work - in case I need to make myself look clean-cut.

I'm not crazy. It's the biz! The Biz!

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