Monday, June 11, 2007

Down to the final week

Of the show, "Love in Tears and Laughter."

This is definately going to be one of the toughest week to go through. Especially thinking about the thought that after months of work, time and efforts, we're almost done with the show.

I'm a bit glad this is almost over, because haven't been working on a stage production for such a long time, it really took a lot of time and energy out of me.

But I'm also feeling bummed about leaving the production. I'm going to miss everyone in the show... Plus I'm so used to the buzy schedule, I'm going to feel like 'nothing' afterwards.

I'm apologize for not posting any photos. One reason is because my digital camera had been broken for months... And just don't have the money and time to find another one. So, here are some photos that I 'borrow' from other website.

(This is the board posted outside of the theater.)

(This is our fabulous set. There are three platforms that represents three different level of families. Me, being the Generial's Assistant's Assistant, lives on the biggets and highest platform)

(Elizabeth Hammett and I)

Upcoming projects:

1) Corproate Training Video later this month.

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