Friday, August 03, 2007

Another "Sushi Prince" Entry

Unfortunately - A lot of the photos that I tooked turned out bad. Really bad. Not even visible. I mean, can you even tell what this is?

This is the picture I took at the end of filming, with two production crew member inside of the restaurant. As you can (barely) see, I was still wearing my Chef outfit. The tall guy next to me was wearing a "Sushi Prince Production" badge.

Anyway, I can only do my story telling using my limited of available photos.

Ahem. SO, that day, it didn't take me too long to locate Umi Restaurant. It's located in Midtown Manhattan. After I out of the Train Station, it took me only 20 minutes to get there.

While waiting for the production crew to set up the restaurant, I walked around the area, to see what else was there. And I found this very interesting place:

(Hai-Lan Chinese American Cultural Society)

The Hai-Lan Chinese American Cultural Society. I never knew such organization exist!! (If I knew, I would have sent them an invite to see my show early this year) They have their own theatre production, as well as sponsor Miss Asia International competition.

Okay, enough about that.

Remember I mentioned that I was in the same 'dressing room' as Mr. Kochan?

Well, here it is:

After I put on my Chef uniform, I took a picture of myself against the mirror.
Do you see that seat under the mirror? That's where Kochan sat to fasen his shoes 5 minutes after the picture was taken.

The mysterious interior of the restaurant:

I wish I can show you more - the production design really made the restaurnt "Non-Traditional" - since I protrait a "Non-Traditional" Sushi chef. It was very cute. I hope they did some close-up to the Chef Counter. They put a lot of toys, fruits, and flowers there.

Ah, the OTHER actor in the scene:

(He's very funny. When the movie comes out, I'm sure you'll love his character!)

Thank goodness for the FLASH. He was the customer, and I as the chef. He loved my food. Food that I won't even eat!! I guess he never tried Sushi Ouji's cooking!!

(Photo taken as I was on my way back home on the Train)

The trip home wasn't so bad. I was mostly sleeping.

Sorry guys... These are all the photos that I've got... *sigh* Wish I had more. Now I just need to save money to buy myself a new digital camera...


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for your photo~ Even though the 1st photo really really hard to see ...XD
Don't worry how many photos you show us ~ You are too nice to do so anyway ~ XD



-mEiYi- said...

haha~ looks like you love to take photo ^^

anyway~ i only know what Japanese are saying when there is sub-titles..haha..