Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Meeting a Talent Agent

So last night I went and attended a Q&A session (plus 5 minutes audition time for each participants) with Mr. Clay Smith of the Independent Artists Agency. The event was hosted by The Network.

During the Q&A Session, I asked the following questions: (the wording might be different, since my memory has been pretty bad lately...)

Wayne: What would your reaction be, when you call a client with a Casting time and location, and then client replied "Ops. I can't. HOw about later in the afternoon?"

Clay: It's a Pain in the A$$. Because we will have to go back to the Casting Director (again) and see if there's another available slot. But usually that's not the case.

Wayne: Do you accept Headshot/Resume submissions through regular mail. And what do you usually look for in talent's resume?

Clay: We do open each single one of the envelope that came to our office. First of all, we look at the talent's union status. IAA is a SAG/AFTRA franchised agency. The work that we get are all Union. But we do work with Non-Union actors. All actors need to start up some where, right? Next we would look at the credits, see if the talent has gotten any principle, supporting roles on major network shows or films. The training listed on the resume is also very important.

Wayne: How often do you or other talent agents in the agency attend shows. Scouting for new talents?

Clay: ... Very rare. If it is a show involved my clients, then I'll try my best to go. But otherwise, not unless it's a broadway, or a big theater production. Nope.


Then came the 1-on-1 audition session. I was the last one to go. (which is good, so I won't felt pressured to everything within 5 minutes)
I went in, did my monologue. And he was just looking at me and didn't react much to my performance.

Finally, he asked "So, any questions?"
I was like..."Uh, sure, how about a feedback on my monologue?"

Clay: "The accent."

Wayne: "Right."

Clay: "We only work with actors who can perform and speak fluent standard American English. We have talents from Irlend who are capable of speaking in standard American English."

Wayne: "That's why I have been saving up money so I can take more accent reduction courses."

Clay: "Other than that, it's a fine monologue."

We shook hands, and I walked out.

That was it.


This is not the first time I have gotten feedback from Talent Agents regarding my accent. And yes, I have took accent/speech course at HB Studio with Lenore Harris. I didn't continue my training with her, due to the fact that my day job's new location was giving me issues. I guess it's time for me to return to class...

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