Monday, December 10, 2007

Pink Slip - That's a Wrap!!

Yesterday was the last day of filming for the film "Pink Slip" (Directed by Jessica Brillhart).

It has been an awesome journey from auditioning, script reading, rehearsals, and filming. I was so honored to be involved in a such great team - among many amazing talented actors.

Jessica Brillhart - The brain behind the vision. Thank you so much for having me in the film. I'm flattered that I can represent the entire East-Asia in your multi-cast production.

Dave Gonzales - You're weird guy. But cool.

Ashlea Hartz - THANK YOU THANK YOU for keeping all of us in the loop and kept the production going!!

Kremena Petkovo - !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! with out you, all of us would have starved to death already.

Alex Marx - Thank you for being my 2nd British actor friend. I never knew that being British can be such a blissing. You're a funny guy. Keep rocking those RED socks.

Stas May - You are something special. I mean. Yeah. Like what the agent said, "One day, You're going to make a LOT of money." - And you know what? I agree.

Shanaaz Mohammed - Not a lot of actors I know would do what you do. You have your character broken down into many little tiny pieces. I admire your knowedge, courage, and that fierce catwalk in those "tramp heels." You're awesome!

Doug Rossi - You're such a natural. (I'm not saying that just because we both went to the same Acting School) Seriously. If I eve become a Talent Manager, I'd definately sing you and give you a 5% off from what I would usually charage (20%) from the comission. Because I know you will be getting gigs after gigs.

John Pieza - You *are* Bob. Mr. Apple. One Magical Apple Man.

Mike Faber - I never get to see your scene until last night. Boy, you're dead-on with "Frank." Your timing, movement, beat was perfect. The geek juniors are no match for you.

Marty Strenczewilk - YOU *ARE* SO FUNNY. *ahem* yeah, Marty, I don't think there can be ANYone ELSE who protrait "Eddie" better than you. You have enlighten us with MAGICK and.... Uh, Geeky-Sex Appeals. Your career will go very-very far, my man.

Chris Kies - I'm not sure if other people are aware how accomplished you are. But I've seen you in commercials, print ads, and magazine covers. You're the perfect "Wildes." And thank you for being so professional.

Jerry Karran - It's good to see you again, Jer. I'm sure we will be in another gig together. Soon.

To the wonderful production team (Adam, Jon, Ben, Alex, Gary, Curtis, Yejin, Jane, Suzette, Sandra...etc): OH MY GOSH YOU GUYS THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR HARD WORKING AND EFFORT.

Okay, I need to go to the bathroom. The two sandwiches that I had over the weekend are coming out...

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Dave said...

Thanks Wayne. It was great working with you. You brought a character without a name into almost every major scene and brought him hout of the background.

Just all around excellence.

I'll try to be less weird next time, though I doubt I will succeed.