Wednesday, January 02, 2008

The Mail Mind of Frank

I got the email from Gio (Giovanni Alberti - the Director) last week, but didn't have the chance to see the video clip until now. (I was out of town, had very limited internet access)

Just a behind-the-scene note, the film was shot quite early (6 or 7am, I forgot) in the morning in Brooklyn. It was freezing cold. Connie (who played Nancy Anderson) was wearing only a BATH Robe and a pair of open toe sandles. She was a total good sport when filming in such a harsh weather.

If you already have view the movie, you might not have noticed how carefully constructed Frank's Living room was. I know, everything looked messy, but all falls in place for a purpose. The posters on the wall, the topic of the newspaper... The brand of coffee... Gio is the first director that I worked with who would re-create the set to reflect the character's personality.

And Mr. Bracco, well, I'm sure you have seen his performance. That guy is a trip!! Very fun to work with. :)

There was actually one additional scene in the script, we did shot the footage, but I believe Gio thought it was dragging the film, so it didn't make it to the final cut. Incase you're curious about what it was.... It was a reverse situation of Frank shooting the Mailman with the gun.

I gave the film 5 stars. Now, are you? :-)


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