Monday, September 29, 2008

Okay... More Work...

Over the weekend, I went to the rehearsal for The Tales of the Black Veil 6 (Nightfore Production). Little did I know, they were still finalizing casting the full cast for the show.

Anyway, I went from working in just 1 Act, to two other Acts.

Since it has been a while since I last did a Theatre production, I really wanted to just focus on one character. However, I was asked to audition for the open roles on Saturday... And I got them. (Because the production is actually for both Black Veil 5 and Black Veil 6 - they placed most of the actors who came to the audition in Black Veil 5, and left very little Male Actors for Black Veil 6) Some actors in Black Veil 5 would continue their work into Black Veil 6. And actors in Black 6 - gets to do multiple roles.

Originally, I was only "Vampire Prey," protraiting a very 'comic' role. (It's about time I do a comedy) - But after I read the script for "Strings" - the characters are so mentally messed up, I couldn't help it but gave it my all at the audition. I wanted that role.

Because they were also casting the lead actress of the scene - The other actor and myself are rotate doing readings with each of the 7 actresses. At the end, I was exhausted. I re-lived Charlie's scene 4 times within 10 minutes. Each time, I did something a little different to give the actress more things to play-off, so all their performance will not be identical. (For the first reading, I sat myself pretty far from the actress, then for the next reading, I was start out sitting in mid-stage, the following reading, I stood at the center...and the last reading I sat RIGHT next to the actress)

ANYWAY - it turned out that "STRINGS" will open the show, followed by "Vampre Prey." To me, that's going to be a tough thing to do... Because It'll super hard for me, to jump from a dramatic piece right into a comic role within a short period of time. (If you come to see the show, you'll know how emotionally messed up I will be) The two characters are just so... different....

Okay, my dear readers (Does anyone read this?!) - we still have more roles open for The Tales of the Black Veil 6. If you are interest...

Rehearsals for Tales of The Black Veil has begun! There are still roles for both The Resurrection and Sanguines on Stage but they are going fast! send an email to or for consideration.

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