Monday, October 06, 2008

Come see Me on Stage!!!

Okay, I didn't know the Producer of the show wanted us to PUSH for tickets. Originally, I didn't want to spread the word like this... After all, it has been a years since I last did a Theatre piece. So.. I'm just doing what I was told!!!
If you want to see me performing on stage (with Fangs), here's your chance!!! (If you are outside of the New York area, it is okay. DVD of the performance will be available early 2009)

Tales of the Black Veil 6 - Sanguines on Stage is the latest incarnation of the Original Sanguine Stage Showcase begun by Nightforce International Productions in 1999. Tales of the Black Veil features stories, situations, monologues, and sketches - all with a vampiric slant. If its comedy, drama, philosophical, musical, etc-there will be a vampire involved! Some stories have been written by Vampyres and a few vampyres have been known to cross upon our stage. This version (as always) features new stories, some new performers and the same sensual sanguine theme. If you have a problem with our brand of Darkness, you are advised to stay home; but if you are even the least bit curious about our Dark World, you are more than welcome to the darkness...


Producers Club
358 West 44th Street
New York, NY 10036

Show Times:

• Wednesday (11/19/08) @ 8:00pm
• Thursday (11/20/08) @ 8:00pm
• Friday (11/21/08) @ 8:00pm
• Saturday (11/22/08) @ 2:00pm
• Saturday (11/22/08) @ 8:00pm
• Sunday (11/23/08) @ 2:00pm

For more info, please visit:


Opening segment directed by Eugene Kopman

Host: Eugene Kopman
Cell Phone guy: jonathan Wexler
Vamps: Michael Harmon, Kapreme Lewis, Wayne Chang

Wedding Vows directed by John Bardy

Annie: Melissa Koval
Therapist: Lauren Piselli
Alex: Jonathan Wexler

Vampyrz Prey directed by Rod Barnes

Blain: Jonathan Wexler
Malki: Wayne Chang
Sarah: Melissa Jackman
Girl: Helen Tong
Cop: Julie Ann Colon

Strings directed by John Bardy

Evan: TJ Clark
Charlie: Wayne Chang
Beth: Amy Charowsky

Frederick Schwartz's Last Night on Earth directed by Rod Barnes

Schwartz: David A Barenfeld
Vamp: Cara Crompton
Dorian: Wayne Chang

Schwartz II: The return of the Koo-koo Banga King directed by John Bardy

Schwartz: David A Barenfeld
Margaret Wicks: Melissa
Silver Darius: Michael Harmon
Leslie: Canaan E Robinson Jr

Retribution directed by Rod Barnes

Nemesis: Michael Harmon
Carnal: Kapreme Lewis
Innocencia: Ji Young Kim

Blood Vendetta directed by Rod Barnes

Angelica: Melissa Jackman
Annicia: Jeannette Lutz
Sammael: Canaan Robinson Jr
Melanna: Helen Tong
Lord Praxys: D Michael McMillan
Jonas: TJ Clark
Anna Hawthorne: Carmella Bloom

Thank you!!

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