Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Exciting News!!

Yesterday, I got an email from the producer of an Indie film that I auditioned couple weeks ago, offering the role of Richard Liu. The film is called "God's Land."

The interesting thing about this, is that when Preston finished the script, he invited a number of Actors to record a "Radio Drama" version of it. Jing was the one who contacted me and forwarded my information to him. Let me see... This was back in... 2005 I believe. And of course, I recorded the voice of Richard Liu.

Yeah, it has been a long time.

So, when I saw the breakdowns on the net, I got really excited. I want to audition for the film. I want everyone to audition for the film. I mean... The film itself is already interesting based on the subject matter -- the film style will be Docu-Feature Film. Something that I haven't done before.

So yeah, Exciting time.

Hrm, I'm still waiting for my rehearsal call for The Tale of the Black Veil 6. But at this point, I think the producer probably going to go through intensive rehearsal during the "Hell Week" - which is the days before our opening night.

With so many actors in the cast, it's hard to get everyone together to work on the scene. I was pretty available in the last two months... But now I started to get call backs... that I've constantly crossing out dates on my calendar for class/audition/filming.

For me, it's going to serve as a one-day intensive, since I will be stuck in Queens on Tuesday. (I just got a revised call-sheet. I will be on set for 14 hours...)
Never less, I have been going through the scripts like crazy on my own. As long as my scene partners keeps the pasting moving. I have also been working with my Dialogue/Acting coach Eric Thal. So yeah, Eugene (I know you are reading this), don't worry. I won't let you guys down.

I'm gonna F**KING bring it.

Now the problem is... What am I going to wear?! O.M.G. I don't think we've ever talk about our wardrobe... I'll just have to flip through my closet to see what I can find... to make me look Vampy.

Okay, let's talk about The Tale of the Black Veil 5. A friend of mine was visiting from California over the weekend... And I'd thought I'd take him to see the 'prequel' of what I have been working on.

Now, because he's a friend that I have known for 10+ years... We are very honest about our opinion. So, whenever I ask him about something, he will tell it the way it is. No sugar coating, no fear of hurting my feeling, no bullsh*t.

Did I mention that he's also a stage performer? So, yeah, he's not new to the scene.

Despite some technical problems that took place during the show (Okay, for some reason, it took 15+ minutes before we get to see the first Act... I wasn't expecting that. And the curtain had problem half-way through) I thought the show was great. I've only seen the actors doing it during rehearsal... But I was really impressed with the Acting. (Yeah... When I see a show or a movie... I tend to focus on the Actor's speech, technique, & movement)

Eugene, now it's time for the bad news. After the show, when I asked my friend for his feed backs. The first thing he pointed out was TIMING. He said the flow between each act and the timing of the actors in the scene are inconsistent. Some acts are stronger than the other.... And some that he felt was dragging... And eventually he fell asleep.. during the show.

The second thing he said was... BLOCKING. He mentioned that in a scene where multiple actors are present on stage... He felt that either the actors are blocking each other, or talk over each other's lines.... (I assume he meant the first Act, during a club scene) He said the scene lost its focus - and for a good 5 minutes, he couldn't tell what was going on. It was just too 'busy.'

Other things he said were just something not worth mentioning here... So, I'm skipping'em.

Despite there were only 6 people in the audience on Saturday afternoon - Every actor gave their 110%. I know I will enjoy working with these guys and gals next week.
Anyone going to ActorFest NY this Saturday? (nov. 15)
I'll be there!!

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Robert said...

CONGRATULATIONS Wayne!!! Woohoo!! You know I'm still secretly reading your blog(s)!! :-) Yeah, bring it on dude!! Bring it on and back to southern Cal... back to my place!!! ahaha, jk!

Hope you're doing great Wayne. You flying back this Xmas??