Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I'm so.. Disappointed.

So Disappointed that my doggy chew and destroyed my LAN Cable.

I won't have any internet access at home until I get a new cable.

I already don't have access to my personal email at work... Now I'm totally got screwed over by my dog.

Oh well... Still love the little guy.

The show is finally over. Week after Weeks of rehearsals, blocking, and going through lines... It's all over.

Gosh, I'm going to miss the people. Seriously. Having to work with the Producer, Directors, and the Actors for such a long time, I felt we sort-of-some-what-kinda bonded in a way.
Or maybe it's the sudden "FREE TIME" that I get after the show.
But never less. I have grown so much from this experience... Thank you Rod, Thank you John, Thank you to all the people I met and get to known... and worked on stage.

Now, I just have to focus on the pick-up scenes for "White Knuckle" and my On-Camera Class in December.

If my performance is ever posted on Youtube... I will link it here :)

Did you know that I audition for a bit part for the show "Life on Mars," yesterday? I have been acting in New York for 6 years... And it was my very first 'Co-Star' audition for Primetime TV!!!

For the audition... I took the 55 minutes train ride to Kaufman Astoria Studios. (It was also my first time having to travel all the way to Queens for an audition) After I got off the train... I walked for few blocks before I arriaved at the entrance of the studio. The studio was huge. I saw signs and many people walking around in Doctor and Nurse uniform... Appearently, it was a working day for "Nurse Jackie." Anyway, I found the room where the audition was taking place... I signed in, sat on the chair... looking at other actors memorizing or reviewing their lines... Then it was my turn to audition.

The Casting Assistant was very nice, and she placed me in front of the camera. After a brief instruction, I did my lines twice.

And that was it.

I said Thank You and then walk out of the room.

I have to say, but the On-Camera/Audition Technique classes that I took really helped me prepared for this rare opportunity. (For those actors who are currently in Acting School, or recently completed your program... I'd advice you to take at least ONE On-Camera Audition Technique class with a working Casting Director. You will learn about the Process and the Business Side of Acting. And exactly what a Casting Director is looking for during an audition)

It doesn't matter if I booked this job or not... It was a great experience, and I felt great before and after the audition. I wasn't nervous at all. I was very prepared and I knew my lines by heart. The important thing about the auditioning process... is that as long as you know you did your best, and that's pretty much it. The best actor doesn't always get the part. It's up to the head Casting Director, Producers and Directors to decided who would be the fittest for the role. It's a combination of Talent, the look, and TYPE of the actor.

Next week, I have a feature film audition... Wish me Luck!!!

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