Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Wise? Or Not?

So... yeah, I just signed up for the "Acting for Film and TV" class at The Barrow Group. The class doesn't start until next year (only couple weeks away!)... But I've already been thinking about how much money I have spent, on this "SIDE JOB" of mine.

YES - for Actors should keep on training, and continue to train to keep his/her instruments ready for work.

BUT - Classes cost money. Oh my gosh. Cost so much money.

Have you ever heard or see ads of Young sexy Actresses looking to find 'sponsorship' to help their career... In exchange of 'partnership.' *ahem*
Perhaps, maybe I should do that too. So someone can pay for my classes.

No, kids, if you are reading this. No. No. No. No. No! Don't do this! Because when you become successful, you don't want some gossip magazine to dig up your past as an escort. Imagine that people would comment on how you are not worthy of 3 diamons rating...


Last week, I had a film audition. Nope. Didn't get a call back. But it really made me think about... Me as an Actor, and what I bring to the table.

It is true those Casting Director workshops have been helpful. But if an actor cannot take direction or do the necessary change... It doesn't matter how many workshops that I have taken. If I can't act, then I can't act.

So... I decided to take a step back and take an On-Camera class at a reputable Acting School. My past trainings - it has always been theatre style scenes, monologues... I have never taken an On-Camera Acting class before. I learned most of on-camera craft from the numerous of film works that I done. I have the experneice to back me up... But I feel I need to sharpen it more... Bring it to the next level.

So when I need bring it, I'll bring it with a bang!

Getting back to that audition... I went and arrived at the location 10 minutes before my call time. I signed in and check out other actors who were auditioning for the same project. Of course, not all of us are auditioning for the same role... But the person before me was doing my side.

He went it. And spent about 5 - 8 minutes in the room. There were laughters, chatting sounds, several takes with different actions... then he came out. (Oh, Heland is a wonderful actor. If he got the part, he totally earn it) Then it was my turn. I went in, greet the Casting Associate... She put a mic on me, gave me brief instruction, turned on the camera.... I did my precious ONE line. Then that was it. She said "Thank you very much."

That was it.




What happened to the laughters and the chats that I was hoping for my session?

I didn't even get to do another take.

That was it.

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