Monday, January 12, 2009

... I'm just saying..

Have faith in your actors. Trust your actors.

Because after all, we are Actors.

I have had the pleasure of working with Directors who trust the actors' instinct, have faith in our skills, and gives clear direction on the character and adjustments that allows the actors to advance in a scene.

It's usually through the audition process, that a Director would learn more about an actor and his/her ability to 'bring it.'

However, I had two experiences within the last years that left me speechless.

Experience #1:

Student Director: "Hi Wayne, do you remember me? We worked on a short film last month."

Wayne: "Yeah. What's up?"

Student Director: "Do you know any Metrosexuals?"

Wayne: "Metrosexual, as in Ryan Seacrest Metrosexual?"

Student Director: "Yeah."

Wayne: "Is it a documentary?"

Student Director: "No."

Wayne: "Well, I don't know any people who call themselves metrosexuals. But I can recommend a few actors who can protrait the type really well."

Student Director: "It's for my friend's project. She's looking for Metrosexuals."

Wayne: "Uh... Why can't she hire actors to protrait metrosexuals?"

Student Director: "I will email you with details" **hung up**

And that was pretty much the end of the conversation. And I never got any emails from the Student Director.

Experience #2

Student Director: "But you are such a nice guy. I don't see you in an Evil Role."

Wayne: "......."

And that was the end of the conversation.

I guess every director is different. Some perfer working with actors whose look and personality matches the role (Yes. Personality is important); while others have faith in the homework that an actor bring to the set, of 'living' the life of the character.

On an additional note, Eddie recently screened a partial footage from the Megaman Film at the MAGFest 2009. You can read his interview following this link. (You will also find the trailer and some behind the scene videos there)


Maggie Fang said...

oh, yap, i have encountered that a lot in here and that really sucks!!! i thought NY would be better..... i just came back from a film project meeting and the meeting is a little frustrating me...because as an actor, this is my job to get as much as i can from the director and writer about the script and character's information. however, i got a feeling from one of the guys is "why do u have so many questions? if the movie didn't show this plot, then, u don't have to know and we don't know either!" so, in the end, i still have a lot of questions about the character, but i decided not to ask. because i know the answer will be "i don't know".....
anyway, i am still excited about this project although we are going to shoot it just after two weeks...... i am trying to do the best i can to bring this character to live.... bless me! thanks for the words in my blog. i am really upset about that one and that's why i want to do this one good so badly! won't be on line in 3 weeks, see u and take care~

Isabelle Palmer said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment! =) Sorry you had such "left you speechless" moments, but it comes with the territory. There are a lot of un-professional "professionals" out there unfortunately.

Take care.