Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Background Artist!!

I think most Actors out there, their first on-set experience are usually doing background works for either a television show, or a feature film.
Personally, I think this is an experience that ANYONE in the film/tv/reality show industry should have. Because you will get to see what a film set is like.... Who are involved... And the 'wait' time for each scene.
Plus it's a great opportunity to network and meet new friends.
(It's also a great way to make extra money... And earn your SAG Waivers!)

When you decided to send your headshot & resume to these casting agencies, don't forget to include your sizes, primary contact info, and your Union Status in the body of the email. Not unless you knew they are looking for a specific type, you usually put "General Background Submission" in your emails ubject.

Below are some Backgroud Casting office in New York Area. (Updated 2/9/09)

--- Grant Wilfley Casting ---


Law and Order: SVU

--- Comer & Gallucio Casting, Inc. ---

The Unusuals
with email subject “The Unusuals Background Submission”

Ugly Betty
with email subject “Ugly Betty Background Submission”

--- Sylvia Fay / Lee Genick Casting ---


--- Barbara McNamara Casting ---

Rescue Me
Submit your profile online or Email talent@barbmcasting.com with email subject “Rescue Me Background Submission”

30 Rock
Submit your profile online or Email talent@barbmcasting.com with email subject “30 Rock Background Submission”

Naked Brothers Band
Submit your profile online or Email talent@barbmcasting.com

--- Central Casting ---

Gossip Girl


In Treatment

Life on Mars

Upcoming Feature Films

Nancy Meyers Project - nancymeyers@gwcnyc.com
The Sorcerer’s Apprentice - apprentice@gwcnyc.com

Update on Central Casting

Hey, I was informed by the talented Jun Naito, regarding Central Casting. Here is what he wrote:

I was reading your blog and saw you made some new posts. I wanted to mention something regarding working with Central.

You instruct people to mail their hardcopy headshots to Central, but I believe they do everything electronically now. You can read about registration info here: http://centralcasting.org/NY/actors/faqs.htm

They ask you to come register in person (Union and Non-union have different days for registration). There's a number you can call (646-205-8244 ext: 1) to find out which days and what times you can do this. You can download, print out and fill out the I-9 and W-4 forms before you go. You'll also need to bring documents to prove you can legally work in the US (passport, etc). What's great is once they have this information on file you don't have to bring it with you to the set because it's stored in their database!

The most important thing to know is they will say you can pay $25 to give you the option of uploading your own photos. But you can decline and just get a digital photo of you taken on premises for free. Central Casting no longer has a mandatory signup fee, and it is totally free.

Thanks Jun!!

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