Thursday, March 05, 2009

This time around... The Orderly Came in late

late, as in, Later in the day.

My call time was 4:00pm. That means, I get to sleep-in in the morning. I totally took my time to get ready before taking the train to the filming studio.

Same with last time, I went in and checked-in with the Wardrobe department.

Who knew, they have to re-take my picture for the hospital ID again. They probably never expect anyone to return doing the same role within a month.

This time around, my picture came out better. I actually looked happy.

One thing, I need to get used to a daytime soap, is that there are so many cast members, with a bunch of side stories.
None of the actors that are on set today, were from my previous booking.

New faces. Or rather, old faces. The scenes that were shot all involved Actors that have been on the show for a long time.

For example, Michael Eason and Trevor St. John, who has been with OLTL since 2003. Also Kassie DePaiva and Melissa Archer, who has been on the show since the late 1990s. I mean, wow, I get to watch the veterans perform!!

But the only dramatic scene I get to witness, was performed by the beautiful (and skinny) Florencia Lozano. Not only is she beautiful, she's also a firecracker. In a particular courtroom scene, she kept on spitting fire at Todd Manning. And per the director's suggestion, she as able to tone it up, and tone it down, and hit the right mark every single time. Aye me gusto Mucho!

I have been taking way too much On-Camera classes, that I find it fascinating to watch people perform on screen. I can learn so much just from watching.

This time, I really understand why so many hollywood stars are crazy in dieting and loosing weight... For a scene, I had to stand behind Trevor St. John, and follow him into the frame. This guy is around my height... But more slender. I mean, he is extremely slim compare to me. However, he looked just right on screen. So... That means I probably looked like a freakin' elephant on TV...

ANYWAY - Remember in my previous entry, that I commented on how few people that we had on set? Well, this time, Llainview Hospital has more staff on duty. We had 2 doctors, 2 nurses, 1 orderly and two security guards.


All of us were waiting until we were called to be on set at 7:00pm. And we wrapped the shoot at 8:00pm.

So yeah, another easy day.... Yeeepeeeeeeeee. (There's not much to write... It was a short day!!)

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Jun said...

Now, if you write another thank you note and get called in again within a month...