Tuesday, May 05, 2009

The "Reaper" Audition Clip

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SO, If.Net, the contest network is currently having a "Reaper" audition. Where the top 5 most voted audition footage, will be shown to Marc Gordon. The producer of hits shows like "Private Pratice," "Reaper," and "Criminal Minds." One winner will be selected, then the winner will have the chance to meet and audition for Marc Gordon LIVE in Person in Los Angeles!! (Yay!!)

Originally, I was hoping an Actress friend of mine would help me with my audition tape. Especially it's a scene of two characters, I needed someone to read the lines off with.

However she got sick... And I don't want her to get 'sicker.' - So over the weekend, I decided to create the video myself. (Especially the contest ends on March 26th - I want to make sure my video made available to generate enough votes)

Here are some intereting fact about the video:

1) The wig was first purchased in 1999 for a student project. (I didn't wear the wig, but since I bought it, I kept it)

2) I don't have any Video Editing software in my computer. So I downloaded a freeware from Tucows.

3) I didn't know how to properly use the freeware, so I ended up having to edit the video backwards. (From the ending to the beginning)

4) I spent 40 minutes filming the video. Then 30 more minutes editing the video.

5) I memorized the Male Character's line first. Did the performance with small pause in between each lines.

6) The shirt that I wore as the Male Character has "Mean People Wear Fur" at the front.

7) The plastick curving-stick thing I held in my hand was a Back Massager. (The script specified a wooden Hammer. But I don't have one. Plus, I wanted to make good use of my hands in the scene)

8) The film was shot using a Canon Digital Camera.

9) The pink shirt that I wore was a gift given by a really good friend back in 2002.

10) The entire time, I had a pair of boxers on.

11) My dog was walk around me while the filming was taken place.

12) The cap has the label "Computer Associate" at the front.(I got it at a convention)

13) The set was my living room. The camera was placed on top of a can of Pringles.

14) I was sitting on the floor while during the lines.

15) You can see some of the cast members from Shrek in the background.

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