Sunday, June 21, 2009

Fox Diversity Audition

In case you guys didn't know - but FOX Network is currently accepting submission for it's Diversity Audition/Casting Project. The goal of the this project is very similar to that of The Alliance for Inclusion in the Arts. It's to give, promote, and provide opportunties to those who are usually over-seen by the Media. The deadline is the end of June, 2009. So, if you are in the US area, and if you are considered a "minority" (Ethnic or Disability), then you should submit. (Hey, why not. You got nothing to loose)

Bascially, you need to create a video that is about 2 minutes long. Within the video, you will be performing a 1.5 minutes Monologue piece.

Please visit: for details.

Below is a "blooper" from my video - I TRIED really hard to keep myself focused...

Good Luck, Ya'll!!

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Laura said...

fun fun love the pup in the backround! :)