Monday, June 01, 2009

My Reaper Audition

So, I told my friend that I will upload my Reaper Audition for If.Net on YouTube for the public to see after the voting is over.

Here it is!!!

I ended up ranking #36 out of 112 Entries. So, I guess it's not that bad. Enjoy!!


Anonymous said...

36th, that's damn good! Yours was great, and if the show gets a Season Three, which we're working for at, is there any chance they'd pull in any of the aud tapes for real?

Seems like it was fun to do.

A Wonderfulcow's Diary said...

Well, 1 person out of the Top 5 from the Reaper contest will get to audition for Mr. Mark Gordon (the producer of Reaper) in person. But there are no indication on if the winner will get a role in either a potential Reaper Season 3, or another Mark's project.
Due to the nature of the business, since Reaper is a LA-Based production, any upcoming roles will have to go through LA Talent Agency submission.
I doubt any of these audition videos on If.Net will be used for that purpose.
Never less, it was fun to do the contest, and watching other people do it with their own approach.

Laura said...

Having worked in digital media and having quite a bit of knowledge about these contests....I will tell you that the outcome of a UGC (user generated content) kind of contest is up in the air. I was a participant in one and landed a web series, an internship and some awesome connections. But a lot of times submissions end up in the trash. I guess it's a chance you have to take like anything else in the crazy world of acting. I salute you! Awesome video :)