Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Confused... With a bit of Frustration...

I just say, I have been very lucky over this Summer. Not only I booked a Dunkin Donuts TV Promo (Which, I haven't seen it myself. It's off the air now...), I also get to work on a Pilot produced by ****. (I know. I have to keep it low profile)

These are the projects that I self-submitted and booked the roles.

In addition, I got sent out and auditioned for a co-star role for a major feature film, and a TV series.

I have never gotten this many "Actions" within 2 months. In New York, there arn't as many shows compare to Hollywood - so, I consider myself very, very lucky.

The problem is...

I thought I did great with the feature film audition.

It has been 3 weeks. Nope. No Call Back.

I thought I did great with the TV series audition.

It has been a week - And Nope. No Call Back.

This frustrates me - because I have never booked anything (legit) gig that were sent by my Manager.

Recently, I met an other Talent Manager through one of those Workshops. Originally, I took the workshop mainly to get feedbacks on my cold reading skills. (Plus the studio was having a discount, so I get to take 2 workshops for the price of one. I have problem saying "No" to good deals.)

But who knew, during our second meeting, the Talent Manager expressed interests in representing me. Of all these workshops that I have gone to, this was the first time that I got a direct positive feedback. (Based on the two under-prepared readings I did during week one. I mean, what? Someone liked my horrible readings?)

The problem is...

I'm already working with the same Talent Manager (on a free-lancing basis) for the past 6 years. I have never really worked closely with anyone else. (I have free lanced with other talent agents and managers in the past, but it was more like thr "1 or 2 casting call email and never heard from them again" deal. Plus, I had bad experience when I was contact by three agents regarding the same gig, I had to reject two of them... Let's say that didn't improve my relationship with the agents at all.)

Even though there are no exclusive contracts involved, I (and any other Talent Mangers) would perfer to work exclusively to avoid any conflicts. (It is okay to work with a Talent Agent while having a Talent Manager.)

I'm a One-Person kinda guy.

That's why I'm a bit concern at the moment. This New Manager had been keeping their company very low-profile, therefore, I wasn't able to find any information on them... I don't know anyone who have worked with them. (If they were as high profile as Authentic Talent Management, then that have helped with my decision.)

Similiar to my current Manager - Pretty much only the Asian (Actor) Communtiy knows about her.

My Acting Career has been pretty much the same until I started with all the Audition Technique classes and Casting Director workshops, that's whenI started to get legit auditions.

Was it because my Manager had been pushing me to the Casting Directors?

Or was it that I spent time and money, networking and learning from the Industry Professioanls?

It's really hard to say. And I don't really know how I feel about my manager right now. Other than being send out to auditions, there weren't any 'career consultation' or suggestions on how I can advance my acting careers.

So, right now I'm torn between a Manager who I have known for 6 years, but feeling neutral about our relationship, versus a New Manager who is very business oriented, but I know nothing about.

I'd hate to make the wrong decision and burn both bridges.

My plan is to reach a decision by the end of this week. *sigh*


Laura said...

what did u decide?

Michael Golamco said...

A manager is supposed to work for you. Period.

A Wonderfulcow's Diary said...

Michael, yes, of course. I've been working with the same manager for years...

Getting a legit Manager is tough in New York - especially one who has connections to other Talent Agents, and Casting Directors. There are not enough jobs in New York for all the Actors, so Managers play a huge role in an actor's career.

The Managers in LA are more hands-on with their talents compare to the ones in New York. There are so many managers here who functions like a talent agent and submit their talents directly.

Technically, a Manager should help a Talent sign with a Legit Agent, and work with the Agent to develope an actor's career...

Michael Golamco said...

What you just said is true anywhere. Getting a good manager is hard; but having a great relationship with your manager is important.

If your manager isn't doing anything for you, you have to move on. Find someone that WILL work for you.

Lira said...

Don't forget - it's not personal - even a personal manager has a Business relationship. So look back on these 6 years. Are you in the same place you were 6 years ago? Are you constantly going out for bigger projects?
A new manager might have a fresh perspective on you.

Ask if it'd be okay to contact new manager's clients on a referral basis. If she's legit, she'd happily do that for you.

Best of luck!