Thursday, February 25, 2010

Grab-N-Go is a Skill

If you are a working (female) model, you probably have heard or told by your agent/manager, that you should always carry a HUGE bag.

The Bag should include Heels (or tennis use, whichever you're wearing), mini-Make up Kit, mini-Hair Kit, tank top, hair band, Portfolio, Z-Cards (compcards), map, a bottle of water.

So you can change at anytime, and be Photo-ready at the speed of light.

Jump in front of the Camera at a Go-See, and then jump out and change right back into street clothes, and onto the rest of your day.

Now, as an Actor, it is important that we master the skill of "Grab-N-Go."

I'm not saying we have to carry a bunch of make-up & hair stuff. What I'm saying is... if you are wearing extra clothes, need to change in to a 'wardrobe' for your audition... Make sure you have a bag to hold all of the stuff. So you go in and out of the Audition without wasting time. (I don't usually recommend people leaving their stuff in the Outside (or if there's a Green Room)... Casting Assistants do need to use the restroom once in a while, and cannot keep an eye on everything that's around.

Unless there's someone that you know personally at the audition, who can watch over your stuff... Otherwise, take everything with you.

Here is an example of a recent audition where I was monitoring OUTSIDE of the auditioning room.

A lovely actress came in wearing her street clothes, because of the audition requres dance choreography, she had to change into more flexible so she can perform.
It was Winter, so she had a sweater, jacket, scarf, hat, gloves, her purse, and a bag containing her Yoga outfit.

She went to the Ladies room to change, and came back out. After she placed all her stuff on the chair, she started to strech and warm up. She was veryfocused and prepared.

After a couple minutes, it was her turn to head into the room. She grabbed everything from the chair, and went in.

From thethe little window on the door, I saw she did a wonderful job with the audition. After the Director said "Thank you for coming," the actress went to the corner, and start putting her clothes back on. Piece by piece. She wore the pants on top of her tights (which is fine), then put on her belt, and her shirt, then the sweater, and the scarf... and the Jacket... and tied her hair up in a pony tail... and then she sat down to put her boots on....

There was a line of actors waiting outside; the Director was waiting at the table for the next actor to come in.... And we are all waiting for her to finish.

Why couldn't she leave the room the same way she enter?

There are so many cheap Tote Bags out there, that she can put everything in the bag, grab it, go in, perform, grab it, and then come out. Then change.

It is true that the audition starts as soon as the Actor walked into the Room. But how an Actor exist the audition is just as important.

Grab-N-Go is a Skill.

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Marsha said...

LOL! Maybe she was new and didn't know. I'm thinkin I wouldn't have redressed myself until after I exited the room. :)