Thursday, July 15, 2010

"SAFE" Feature Film seeking Chinese Girl (around age 10)

好萊塢電影「安全」(傑森史塔森擔任主角) 尋找一個 9-13 歲, 天性聰明, 好奇, 敏感, 愛表演, 有興趣演戲的中國女孩. 要求講英語和懂廣東或普通話. 演員不需要有經驗. 有意請聯絡電子郵件 (請包括姓名,聯繫信息, 城市,和照片.)

Seeking a 9-13 year old girl for leading role in film "Safe" shooing in New York starring Jason Statham - sensitive, intelligent, child who speaks English and some Mandarin or Cantonese. Must be smart, inquisitive, with good acting instincts. NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY. If interested, please email Name, Contact Information, Location (City), and Talent Photo to:

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