Monday, May 22, 2006

California Wrap

Finally, we have wrapped up 'Full Circle' yesterday.

After all these months of castings, rehearsals, fight training, and sandwich eating. We're finally done.

What a relief.

I really want to thank Amit, our wonderful DP, who was willing to stay 2 hours after our scheduled wrap-up time to finish the production. I hope his boss didn't give him any troubles at work.

It had been a long day at the filming. Some actors were growing pretty impatient with how the production ran since the beginning. But the crew (including me) tried our best to do as much and as fast as we can to finish it up. I don't blame them. From an actor's point of view, I would have walk out from the production long ago, considering the lack of planning and organization of the production. I mean, it's an Indie film, and there were only 3 people running the production. It was tough to have them put together everything. (or if they lack the production experience)
But I'm sure everyone learned a lot though this experience. And I'm pretty sure their next project will definately be a step-up.

Personally, 4 Sundays of speedy cruel grilling fiming... We have covered a heck a lot of scenes. Too add up all the hours... (let me see, 8 hours X 4 Days) = 32 hours, we shot the entire film. This is way better than the 72 hours shoot out. Heck, we made a freakin' feature in 32 hours.

We film the final fight scenes yesterday @ a warehouse. The actors were all pumped up and ready to showcase all the fight choregraphy that they prepared for 8+ months.
At the end, we got...

Brian fell on his right knee, and been hopping ever since.
Lang got stabbed (accident) by Henry
Takashi's beautiful Suit...Covered in duest.
Henry, banged his head as he fell back wards against the wall.

Then there was me... Even though my character wasn't involved in any serious fights... But I had to be tied down and roll and crawl on the ground.... like a worm.
Believe me, my two tie-up palms were supporting my entire body weight. And it wasn't fun.
Due to my spray-dyed hair, that I couldn't rest my head on the ground. So, basically, I have been stressing my palms, abs, and my lower back to kept myself in place.

After we wrapped, my hips were in seriously pain. I couldn't barely walk.

This morning, I woke up with sore neck, back, shoulders and arms. Plus some brusies here and there.

*sigh* I'm getting old, maybe I should do less physical films....


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