Thursday, May 18, 2006

And I still haven't...

So many things I want to do, but so Little time.

Ever since my job relocated to New Jeresy, I couldn't take any more classes @ HB Studio. Mainly by the time I get off work, and drag myself to the class... It'd be too late.
As for the night-night class, I couldn't take them. Because I live on Long Island... So if I was to take the latest class at night, I'd end up going back home around 1 in the morning.

Then there was the dance class. I was doing pretty good in February, when I attend 2 sessions of Hip Hop classes weekly. But all of the sudden, things got busy and crazy... I couldn't take those classes anymore, mainly due to lack of energy.

Julie, who's currently a student at School of Film and Television, wants to study further in the Method Acting. I brought up Maggie Flanigan Studio to her. (3 years ago, my *other* actress friend Jennifer recommanded her to me)
We all got hyped up and thought maybe we can take classes there.

Then... I thought about the admission fee...

Oh my gosh, why are the classes so expensive? There's really no way I can stick to the 2 years program. Aside from that, I can only take classes at night.

And will I have the energy to *not* fall asleep in the class?

Then there was the talk about me taking Aikido classes. And, sigh, when will this happen?

After injuring my left foot during "The Setup" filming, I highly doubt that I will be able to participate in any types of sports anytime soon.

And just when exactly am I going to finish reading the Ivana Chubbuck book? I have been falling asleep on the train lately, I just don't have the time and energy to absorb the things Ivana discussed in the book.

I still have a stack of books at home waiting for me to read... From Acting to Modeling books...

I think in order for me to at least get one of these done, I need to take some time off from doing all these projects.

But I don't I'd let any opportunities go by... I mean, time is so precious...


Current Projects:

Full Circle (Indie Feature) - Hopging to wrap it up by the end of May.
The Setup (Indie Feature) - Aiming to complete by Summer.
Multimedia Project - Booked on June 10th. Some type of Multimedia Art project.
Surprise. Surprise - Project On-hold, due to lead actor got really really sick.
In other Words - Project On-hold. Director got busy with his life.

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