Wednesday, May 17, 2006


December 2005
Finally, it's close to the end of the year. "The Setup" and "Full Circle" are currently taking breaks now. Will resume the production next year. I think personally, I need some rest as well. I've been working my a$$ off like crazy...
Project Completed this month: Stock Photo Shoot for Getty Image.

November 2005
Still going to "Full Circle" rehearsals. The bad news is, we've lost another cast. Right now, we're looking to cast 3 more roles... Once we got all the cast ready, I think we'll be ready to film.
"The Setup" is going extremely well. We've covered a lot of scenes. And everyday, I've been praticing my Sais. On top of that, I'm still doing Yogo and Strength Training like crazy every night. In order for me to act tough, I've got to look tough!
Project Completed this month: "The Temple" and "A Poodle Called Alfonzo" (VO)

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