Wednesday, May 17, 2006


As I woke up on the train yesterday, I realized, that I was *really* tired.

Looking back at the blog entries from last year. I have complained and whined about how tired I was. And yet, nothing has changed.

I'm still working on "Full Circle" and "The Setup."

Let's talk about "Full Circle" first.

"Full Cricle" - the casting for the film started back in May 2005. I didn't know that I was casted until August. - But it didn't matter... From August - December, we would do rehearsals and learn the fight choregraphy.

Some actors dropped due to the fact that they cannot commit to the project so such a long time, and some had to leave due to injuries. Finally, we were able to recast the roles in Feburary... Things started to get really slow. There are actors who are out of town, some were involved in other projects... We didn't really had the chance to run the lines with each other.

Anyway, to cut the story short. The director finally decided that it was time to shoot the film (April); mainly due to the fact that we are losing the location in 2 months.

To speed up the production process (to meet the dead line) - Myself and another Actress assumed the role of Line Production/Scheduling/Production Assistant/Catering/Makeup.

And my... I'm really tired...

I haven't auditioned much either. Usually it is because I'm all tied up on Sundays. So, that's pretty much 85% of the gigs out there... that required the talent to be available the entire weekend. (But again, it's not like I will land the role anyway)

On Saturdays, I work on "The Setup"

And like. I haven't seen my friends for MONTHS....

I think I'm burning out.

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