Friday, June 16, 2006

Taking Care Of your Body

This week, I was suppose to have a jam-packed schedule. From Auditions, Go-See's, and Filming.

Monday - Audition
Tuesday - Go-See
Wednesday - Audition
Thursday - Overnight Filming (Background Work)
Friday - Voice Over Audition
Saturday - Filming
Sunday - Filming

I had two auditions on this past Monday and Tuesday. Then on Wednesday, I felt extremely tired during the day.

Fatique, rather.

Then I decided to cancel my audition for that evening, as well my booking for background work on Thursday.

I didn't think I was in good shape to do both. - And I was right. I broke up in fever on Wednesday night - and managed to go to work on Thursday... with achy body and headach and stuff.

Like what I have wrote before, sometimes, I took so much stuff in - and totally forced my body to the point, where I didn't realize my body was suffering from stress and lack of rest.
I'm not young anymore, and I have go to take good care of my body.

I think from now on, I shouldn't be so aggressive in filling my calendar up with so many things... considering the fact that I still have a day job to take care of.

Anyway, I'm feeling rather healthy today. I think I'll have no problem with my voice over audition this afternoon. As for the weekends, well, I will be filming the Music Videos. I get to play one of the scientists in the video.

It will be fun. There's dancing too! The music is awesome. I can't wait!!!!

(Zit alert, Zit alert, I got a zit on my chin. I need to zap it asap!!!)

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