Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The Robot Goes Here

Wrapped the filming of "What All The Screaming's About" Music Video this past weekend. Over all, I had a really good time.
The actors were great. Very friendly and fun to chat with. The musician was nothing what I expected him to be. During my audition, I was told that the musican is an actual scientist, who does music on the side. I kept on imagine this musican to be an Ultra Nerd. Like how I used to look back in High School... With thick glasses, bowl-cut hair, button-up shirts and carry text books around like crazy.
But no. The guy is a real rocker. The energy that he projects during his performance was amazing.

I auditioned for a short film "Chop Socky" (No. Not this one) yesterday. It was an interesting experience. I was asked to Cold Read with another actress- (Who looked totally different from her headshot. But again, who am I to judge?) We did it twice with different approach. Then after the actress was dismissed, the director asked me to do some Martial Art moves.

I was unprepared to do any forms... Or show any moves. When I got the audition notice, I was asked to be ready for a 'light sparring' session - but not moves. Otherwise, I would have wore something more comfortable. (I went after I got off work, so I had my dress pants, shoes, and shirt on) I ended up doing a high kick, to show them how high I can kick, then a spin round house, to show them my flexiblity, then that was about it.

Anyway. I got another audition tonight - but I'm thinking about cancelling it. The flu is really gotten me - feeling week all day. :(


What's next? I will be doing background works for Turn the River and Shanghai Hotel. However, there might be schedule conflicts with Turn the River... But... We'll see.

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