Friday, July 28, 2006

And yeah, I did it.

I ended up doing the "66,000 MPH" shoot. Even though it was not until I arrived at the location, I learned that I'm an "extra" on the set.

I headed to Midtown after I got work, as fast as I could - only to find that the crew was taking lunch break, and didn't need me til around 5:50pm. (If I knew, I would have take my time commuting from New Jeresy to Midtown Manhattan)

Anyway, the over all experience was fine. I get to play a "Boss" character at a factory. I think I only got 5 seconds of screen time. - The shoot took approx. 2 hours, then I was out of there.

I have to say, everyone was friendly and nice. No attitudes (well, I noticed the lead actress was giving some attitudes to the Prop. Assistant....) toward me. So, it was a love & hate situation for me. I love the story, love the fact that it's an Asian theme production, and I believe in the director's talent. But hate the fact that the Line Production was messed up. I never heard back from the Producer after she said she'll call me back.

Anyway, at least, I'm done with "66,000 MPH."

So, what else is new for me?

Aside from the two gigs I booked for August and Sept - I got a Voice Over gig doing some translation in Mandarin Chinese. But before that, I need to take care of this nasty cough I have... Cough Cough, I'm sick.

Hrm, what else... I got a big audition next week, it's for Featured Role for a TV Serie... I already know that my age range has gone way beyond the character's description, but I"m still going to give it a try. Going to dress up young and spike up my hair.... And stuff. Yeah....

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