Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Oh My Gosh...

I'm sure glad that I actually felt the need to use the restroom this morning (2:50AM) - other wise, I wouldn't have know that the production of "66,000 MPH" had called me.

Remember how I have mentioned that I have been offerend a part in the Student Thesis Film "66,000 MPH" via email by the director? And that I have never given a script, character breakdown, and a filming date?

The voice mail left in my cell phone, was from the Producer, specifying that my call time would be 10:00AM later this morning.

First of all, I was shocked to receieve such a late notice. Considering I have sent emails requesting more information about the production and my part in it. Never gotten any responds.

Second, I have emailed the director my schedule months ago, saying that I *do* have a day job, and if I need to take a day off... I need early notice.

Well, having being informed 8 hours prior filming - I checked my email box to see if any other information were sent between the time frame that I went to bed (10:00pm) til now. I found an email sent (1:02AM) by the Director with call time, location and a sentence on what character i was assigned. I called the producer back as soon as possible, and let her know that I was totally unaware that I'm needed on July 26th, and have not gotten *ANY* types of information on the my participation since June 26th - until now.

After I introduced myself to the producer over the phone, she asked me "What Character you are protraiting?"

Is this a joke? I thought.

I basically read off the senense from the Director's email. "As for the scene... you are the supervisor of the factory."

Then I explained to her that they had WEEKS to inform me regarding the shoot, but why they waited until 8 hours before the production starts?

She said..."I'll call you right back."

And that was it.

Right now, I'm still waiting for the Producer to call me back... It's already 3:35am and - Yes, I do need to sleep...

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