Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Being Chinese VS Look Chinese

Because of the call time for "Shanghai Surprise" is at 5:00pm. The exact same time I get off work - that I decided to change into wardrobe before I leaf work (in Jersey).

I stripped off my business causal attire (dress shirt, black pants, shoes, belt...) and put on:

White wrinkled old Shirt
Ivory color Cargo pant
Blue-Green Oriental style long sleeve shirt (I wore it like a Jacket)
Green plastic sandles

I washed my hair to get rid of the hair gel and the nicely-combed style. And allow my hair to dry naturally. I left my 5 O'clock shadow on my face, so I'll look like my character.

As I was walking out of the business buidling, I noticed people were looking at me funny. Everyone had on either business causual outfit or suits and ties. I felt I really stood out... As if I just got off a Fishing Boat.

People not only looked at me funny, but I noticed some of them had this... "damn you look trashy..." look. A very degrading feeling I got from them.

To my susprise, people who shoots daggers out of their eyes were 90% Asian. Others looked at me with confusion, or amused. But the Asian (business people) looked at me as if I was a disgrace or an embarassment. (Okay, or was I being overly sensistive?)

Was I not suppose to wear something like that in the financial district?

I have never felt THAT 'out of place' since I first moved to the United States (18 years ago).

Once I arrived at Chinatown for the shoot, things were getting better. People on the street and the store owner didn't even care if I was naked or not. They didn't look at me funny. Maybe because everyone was dressed casually...

It's just weird. Don't you think?

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