Monday, September 18, 2006

Bad Bad Bad. Sad Sad Sad.

Like what Heidi Klum Said, Yore eethah Een or Yore Out.

Very True.

Last week, I did a last minute go-see for a foreign Banking Print Ad. Surprisely, my agent called me the next day saying that the client would like to book me. The shoot will only take one afternoon, and it pays $400 - $500 dollars.

I was thrilled. I have not been having the luck in booking print works. The last time I did was... oh gosh, a year ago? So, over the weekend, I changed my diet - hoping to make myself look a bit more healthy looking... and stuff.

But this morning, the agent called. He said that the client decided to DROP ME off the project. I mean, OH MY GAWD. I was BOOKED. Then I was DROPPED. Gee, this doesn't happen all the time... I mean, this is the first time in my life that I have heard a BOOKED talent got dropped the last minute. There goes my self-esteem. But I told my agent that there's really nothing we can do. It's beyond our control. If they thinks I'm ugly, then so be it.

But that's only the FIRST BAD.

The second bad comes from this audition that I did - for a Sprite Commercial. They asked all the male talent to bring their choice of weapons, and show off their skills.

I brought my sai's of course. Even though I'm not a professionally trained in Sai's - but with my Karate Background (Sai's serves as an extention of the arms in Karate), hours of pratice with videos (from both instructional video and movies), and books. I also use the Sai's in "The Setup" - where I kicked major ass with them.
I created a short routine, that shows off the offensive side of the Sai's.

So, at the audition. In front of the camera, I slated my name, briefly talked about my background then I was asked to perform.

And the gawd-my-oh-f**king-Cow-Beep Beep.

During my routine, the my right Sai flew across the room and landed with a loud bang. I screamed "OH SH*T" and then chase after it.

I picked it up, jumped back in front of the camera, and smiled like a fool.

EveryTHING was CAUGHT on the Audition TAPE.

The guy who was doing the filming, laughed his a$$ off.

So, I was like.."Uh, so this is going to be on the America's Funniest Audition Video, isn't it?"

Before I left, I even asked.. if he could edited the BLOOPERS out. He just smiled and shook his head.

I mean, how could this happened? I had no problem with the routine while I was praticing at home...

There goes the Commercial....


.... Last and not the least....

I DROOPED MY CHICKEN ON THE GROUND when I was eating at Penn Station!! AHhh... I couldn't eat it!!! Ahhh... I'm So Sad!!!!

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