Friday, November 10, 2006

What All The Screaming's About

Ah, the music video is now online!! Check it out here!

Last night, I did some pick-up shots for Astro Saladino's short film "Cornstarch Gizmo" down in Brooklyn.

And my, not only my wardrobe got ripped, but I also cut a cut on my wrist. I know, you must be wondering... "what the heck were you doing in your scene?"

Nothing. I just lay there like a dead body.

It's a scene showing how the lead actress get rid of the dead bodies. And I'm one of the bodies. (lovely, isn't it?) She had to push, twril, toss, and slam me around in this particular scene.

But it's all worth it. We had a good laugh. The scene is going to be fabulous. Astro said that the post production editing should be done by the end of the month. Hopefully, in December, he will be able to hold a screening some where in the city.

I will keep you guys posted on that. (But again, who reads this blog?)

Tonight, will be my first filming night for "Paper Girl" - I can't wait. I just hope everything will be smooth, and I will be able to bring the character alive in front of the camera lenses. For some reason, I haven't been feeling good about my acting skills. I saw a clip from JJ's film (where I did a cameo, had some dialogues) - and I sounded bad, I looked fake, and everything seemed 'forced.'

It's always easy to say, then done. I have learned quite a lot about acting, approaches and getting ready, but sometimes, it takes pratice and pratice and pratice and more pratice to really show what you have in your head, to the front of the screen. *sigh* Seriously, next year, I need to find time and take more Acting/Scene Study classes.

As for later this week, I will be doing some shots for "Magic Crystal" (I think that's what the title is...), assisting JJ with her new project, and audition for "Walk Away" & "Single Hills."

Talking about these auditions. Hrm. The funny part is...

"Walk Away" - I already auditioned for this project two weeks ago. When I got there, there was only one person with a camera, and all he did, was recording us doing our monologues. Now, for this weekend, I was asked to be prepared to do Cold-Readings. This made me wonder, why couldn't they do the monologue and cold reads on the same day? Was the script not ready during the first audition? Or... they weren't prepared? I don't know. I think too much.

"Single Hills" - Super surprised. This is probalby the 3rd Casting Call from them. The first casting call was easly 2005 - where I was invited to read for a character "Rudy" - whose age was suppose to be in his 30-40s. I guess one of the casting director liked my performance. WEEKS after the audition, she called and said she will create a role for me in the film. - Hrm, okay. So I waited 4 months, until I got a voice mail from her, saying that the production is still happening... And we need to keep our schedule clear for August or something. Hrm, okay. Then couple more weeks went by, I got a mass-email from "Single Hills" production saying that they have to postpone the shoot and stuff. Hrm, Okay. Then I have no heard from them ever since... Until early this week, I saw them posting Casting Calls for "Single Hills" again - seeking the same characters. So, I guess they are re-casting again......

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