Monday, November 06, 2006

Guess Not

Hrm, didn't get any call-backs from the two auditions. I guess I was thinking too highly of myself.

Oh well - there's a lot more for me to learn and explore.

Currently pending on the shoot for "Paper Girl" - Since everyone's schedule is pretty much scattered out. I will be have 1 day shoots in November, then December, and then January.
My only concern is, my hair grows pretty fast - not sure I will look 'consistant' during the 3 month period of time, plus the need for getting hair cuts and stuff.

To my surprise (and totally shocked) that there are so much budget involved in this Student Thesis Project. The production team have the project to totally decorate and paint a basement, and turn each room into the sets for the production. Unfortunately, I will not have any scenes within this set. (Bummerz)

My first day of the shoot is this Saturday - I can't wait!!! (And I want to meet other amazing actors!!)

But before that, I'm going to spend sometime helping out JJ with her final project.

One sad news, is that the Maindarin Chinese voice over gig that i spent over a month period of time recording, well, turned out the Client didn't really like how I sound in all the voice clip. I specificly mentioned that I speak Maindarin Chinese with the accent as if I grew up in Taiwan. If the material are being used in China, then perhaps they'd perfer someone who speaks the dailect with their own regional accent.

The recording studio was fine with it. Now all the materials are being 'rejectd' and the client are hiring their own VO talent for the materials.

Am I getting paid at the end? --- I don't think so. The studio recorder guy said give him sometime....

An additiaonal news.... I'm not sure if I will ever get a copy of "Catchin' Up with Fred' - I have emailed the director and others who are involved in the project, but gotten no respones back... *sigh*

***Project Line Ups***

1) "Paper Girl" - Fong (November, December & January '07)
2) "Blitzkrieg" - General Yugosa (Shooting in December?)

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