Wednesday, February 28, 2007

...So this is the Truth...

After emails after emails, the producer of "Catchin' up with Fred" responded back to me. He did said that he will send me an 'edited' version of the film. Mainly because, for the original film, he had removed scenes involving my character "Miranda." He said that he felt the character had no impact with the storyline... But I really hope it's not my BAD performance that he felt the need to get rid of "Miranda."

Maybe that's why other actors in the film had never respond to my email when I asked about if they've gotten copies... They probably did, but just didn't feel the need to tell me that my part was deleted.

Oh well... I'm very disappointed, but oh well - I will review the clip to see my performance in the film, and then see if I want to use it for my reel or not.


This Saturday, aside from the two auditions in the morning, I will be filming a student PSA - a Group Hug Films Production. I will have a non-speaking role as one of guys in a gay relationship.

I'm not sure how much 'action' that the director will expect US to do, but I sure hope I can channel Heath and Jake's energy into this sort piece.

The Director of this PSA, Billy said in his blog "I purposely have been looking for trained actors who I know can handle these roles. But you'd be surprised the amount of male actors who are dead set against playing a gay role. It's not as if they are being asked to make out with a guy either! The majority of the males who replied said that they would rather play the boyfriend of the girl or the spokesman."

Thus made me think, am I being casted is it because of my audition was good... Or out of all the Actors who submitted, there were only two of us who are willing to play either roles? (Oh my gosh, is this my insecurity?)

For those who are reading this, must be wondering..."What? Why would you want to play a gay character?"

Well, for "Catchin' Up with Fred" I protraited a trans-gender hooker. I mean, I had a blast with it. There's something about character-character types. It allows me to think, make smart and fun choices that brings the character onto the screen. I have protraited many "Villan" types too - For me, it's fun and propost a challenge for me as an actor, to become someone whom that I cannot identify with, or can identify with.

I have friends who are gay, bi, straight, punk, ravers, nerds, wiccans, and pryos... And what they are had no effects on me being friends with them. If a person is nice, he/she is nice. That's it. Very simple. I don't feel anyone of them are degrading, therefore, I have no problem protraiting them.

Like a quote from Anna Paguin, None of the characters I've played are really like me. That would be boring. It wouldn't be acting."

It is true that Actors to need to be careful in choosing their roles, and yes, we should also be picky on the project to work on. But as actors, we need to remind ourself "Acting" is about having the ability to protrait ANY types of personalities and characters. By attempting to protrait roles that are unique, different, or simply out of this world, we challenge ourselves, test our skills, for improvement, and become a better actor.

Anyway, I need a good nap to get over the disappointment with 'Catch' Up with Fred.' - mean while, I will be waiting for Billy's direction regarding this Saturday's shoot. I certainly want myself to look NATURAL with I'm acting with Jabari Dozier, my "Partner" in the scene.

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