Friday, March 02, 2007

It's all coming back!

It's weird. I guess after a YEAR of time, you start to see films/shows that you once auditioned for, but didn't made the part.

Jabari Dozier, the actor who I will have a scene with this weekend, starred in "F Scott Fitzgerald Slept Here." A film that I auditioned last year, thought my audition was good, but never got a call back.

Jabari! you stole my part!!! Ahhhhhhh... Nah, actually, I auditioned for the role of "Daniel."

And then, I came across this trailer on YouTube:

I was like... "Uh, I remember these lines... I know these lines... I have read the script before..."

I have read the entire script and auditioned for it too!!! And the film made it to Cannes!!

And then there's more!! This March, Blades of Glory, will be released. Ahh I auditioned for this film too!! (and many of my friends too)


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