Monday, April 30, 2007

Tribeca Film Festival

This past weekend I had the pleasure of attending the premiere "Red Shoes," of which my friend Chiasui starred as the leading role. The film is written and directed by Li-Anne Huang.

A Chinatown masseuse is tempted by her client to make easy money. But as her vanity leads her down the slope of moral compromise, will she be able to continue hiding the truth from her daughter?

The film is a reflection of what could really happened to a single parent family. And believe me, I think this can be a true event... Anyway, I don't leak out any juicy details about this 9 minutes film... But I was way impressed and touched by Chiasui's performance. Especially the first 6 minutes. She was so natural... So natural on screen. Her movements and choices are very clear. (Okay, Don't kill me...Brian & Brenda, I think Chiasui totally up-stage you guys on screen...) - But again, Chiasui out-stages in all the films we were together. Hahha.

Seriously, while I was watching the film, I kept on thinking, this actress totally deserves to be working on International features... She just need that big break... I really hope with the premiere of "Red Shoes," Chiasui will get more recongization from the industry.

I also ran into Michael Seto at the primere. Which, is totally cool! I have been trying to meet Michael, but both of our schedule has been crazy. Hopefully, we will get to do our photo session sometime this month. (at reminds me, i seriously need to loose my beer-gut)

"Red Shoes" is parted of a collection of 5 other short films slected. One of the 'sort of' a surprise film that I saw was In Vivid Detail, starring Piper Perabo (Coyote Ugly) and John Ventimiglia (The Sopranos). I remember my friend Yuan-Kwan came visit the 'Full Circle' production last year, where she told us that she was working on In Vivid Detail two blocks away. Wow, most of the films premiered were shot around August 2006! Anyway, In Vivid Detail is a beautiful film... Piper and John were amazing in the film. So emotional, so natural, and the chemsitry was beautiful.

On another note, I recently went to see the screening of "Paper Girl," and was totally blown away by the beautiful editing and sounds layred in the film. I'd never expect a student thesis film would have such amazing professional level quality. The lead actress (Yin Yin!), Amanda Grove, David Winning & Annie were superb on screen. I was especially impressed by Amanda's presence on screen and David's powerful acting. I, on the other hand, couldn't stop blinking in my scenes. I looked damn flat and dull. Argh, I sucked.

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