Friday, April 13, 2007

Love in Tears and Laughter

Who knew that after 6 years of absense from any types of Theatre work, I would be doing one in New York.

This time, is for Yangtze Repertory Theatre's production of "Love in Tears and Laughter."

Even though I wasn't offered the leading role for this production, I was glad that I got something out of my less-than ready audition. (Did I mention that this show will be in Mandarin Chinese with English Subititle projected on the back wall?)

My friend Celia also got casted, however, she had to drop from the production due to schedule conflicts. :( :( :(

One interesting fact that was mentioned by the Production Director, was that all the actors came from different background. The play itself takes place in Beijing in the 1920s. Aside from we all speak Chinese with different regional accents, we also have different acting background. I think thus far, I'm the only actor who hasn't done any Theather on a regular basis. (I do more Film/TV stuff) So, our acting technique are all... rather... different. I think one of the goals for all of us, is to learn and 'tolerate' eachother, so we will look like a whole on stage.

Right now, we meet 4 days a week (yeah. I know...) this month, and next month, then the show starts in June. Lots of rehearsals.

Let me see... What else is new?

Well, "Warmth of Tears" has been wrapped. You can see some productions stills in the "Production Sills" link.

This weekend, I will be filming an experimental Commerical thingy, and then an audition later in the afternoon. Aside from that, I haven't signed onto do any other projects.

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