Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Love in Tears and Laughter

Love in Tears and Laughter
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Finally, this past Sunday was the last show of "Love in Tears and Laughter."
The sad part is, I really am going to miss my friends. After months of rehersals and seeing each other almost every day, I felt I have became a part of the family.

From the top row, left to right: Joanne Liu, Richard Li, Ma Qian, David Yang, Li YiLing, Jin Xin, Joanna Chan (Director), William Wu, Kally Zhang, Cui Dan, Elizabeth Hammett, Wayne Chang (me).

From the bottom row, left to right: David Wang, Kang Zhang, Lei Zhou, Steve Zhou and Kenny.

In the fart left, was our assistant Stage Manager, Jason.

Thank you Yangtze, for the amazing experience and lovely memory.

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