Monday, July 02, 2007

You can't judge a book by it's cover

'Elevator Weekend', inspired by true events, tells the story of Lee, an illegal Chinese immigrant trapped in an elevator for a weekend. This film presents the tragic world of illegal immigrants in New York City; with the elevator serving as a metaphor of circumstances that envelop these aliens into helpless, hopeless and virtually invisible existences.

No. I didn't star in this film, but I did audition for it twice. Unfortunatlly I just couldn't give the director what he seeks in the character.

However, I didn't realize that he casted Zhou Lei as the lead. I know Zhou Lei from the stage production "Love in Tears and Laughter." - And I have to say, there's more to him inside than what you see from outside.

When I first met Zhou Lei at the rehearsal, he was introduced by other as a "stand-up comedian." That was how I see him for the first couple weeks. Then, I was invited to attend his "singing" showcase.

And damn, this guy can SING!

And Perform!

I felt, that he's just more than a "standup comedian." There had to be more to him than what I knew.

Due to the fact there weren't any interactions between our character in the play, I rarely get to see Zhou Lei perform his scene. But he praticed his lines and choregraphy before and after every rehearsal. Even during our shows, he would spend time on his lines before we open the house.

I have never met anyone *this* dedicated to the craft and production.

It was not until I saw the footage of our show Online, where his character was first introduced to the audience, I found his choice of action, posture, and line delievery to be first grade. (I'm a sucker for movements. When I watch a movie, I always pay more attention to an actor's movement)

He successfully protraited a 50+ years gold man. (and he's really young in life)

Later, I found out that he's an alumni of HB Studio and have continue to take Acting Class in College.


If I'm Eric (the producer and director of Elevator Weekend), I would cast Lei as well.

Anyone, I just want to inform you that "Elevator Weekend" is in Long Island International Film Expo 2007.

- LIIFE starts on July 17 2007. The film will be shown on Tue 7/17/07 at 9:30pm.

Check it out when you have the chance! :)

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kevinstar419 said...

I would really like to see it. However, I live in Ohio and can't afford NYC travel. Do you know if A&E or Discovery Times will be showing it?