Thursday, July 05, 2007

For the "Sushi Prince" Fans

First of all, thank you very much for reading my blog. I didn't expect by blogging about "Sushi Oji" would generate such a huge "Kochan" heat wave.

I'm sure you guys are dying to know the following... so... here comes the disappointments...

1) Unfortunately, I didn't get to interact with Domoto Koichi. (Unless it is part of the script, the background/featured actors shouldn't interact with the leads.)

2) And yes. I 'accidentally' shared the same trailer with your Kochan. I didn't know it was him until he later walked onto the set.

3) I didn't get to take any pictures of the actors (include Domoto Koichi). Usually, the background/featured actors are asked to be professional, and not to take pictures which may interrupt the film progress and lead actor's performance.

4) I did, however, took some pictures of the restaurant, myself (of course) and some of the crews. (After my scene was done. Kochan went directly back to this trailer and headed to the next location) Since I use one of those plastic 1-time use camera, I will have to send it to the photo store to get the film developed. I will post the pictures once they are ready. (My digital camera is broken)

5) Nana, you're right. His English is... Uh...

6) The location that we shot our scene was at:

Umi Japanese Restaurant
118 East 31st Street
New York, NY 10016

We stayed there from 7:30am til 11:45am. Kochan left the set around 11:20am. The other Actor and I stayed in the restaurant to shoot some extra footage til 11:30am.

7) I'm 176cm (5'9"), and Kochan is 167cm (5'6"). I didn't expect him to be shorter than me. But he does have a darker tan. Looks as if he went to the beach not too long ago.

8) I think he wears size 7 or 8 shoes. (I'm a size 9.5) Saw him putting on his shoes in the trailer.

9) For the scene, he was wearing a shirt similiar to Old Navy's Camouflage Tee.

10) People enjoyed his sense of humor. Whenever he finished his scene, the crew would laugh at his comedic performance.

11) The last day of filming in New York, I assume, is Friday July 6th 2007. If not earlier. When I auditioned for my part, I was asked to keep July 6 open - as a back-up date.

12) The trailer comes with a bathroom, dressing room, kitchen, living room area, and a hair/makeup area. The trailer doesn't have any of Kochan's personal items. Only wardrobes for his character.

Last, but not least - Since I was only casted for my TWO lines in the film (less than 4 minutes footage). My involvement with the "Sushi Prince" is done. Unfortunately, I don't know anyone who's also working on the film, nor the locations of other shoots.

That's it for now. I will blog about the details of my experience on the set soon.


Sophie & friends said...

Hi Wayne,

Thank you so much for your informations! You are a professional actor and hope you get more and more important roles in the future.

Anonymous said...

Hi Wayne~ :)

Gees~ You wrote a lot~ :_
Thanks so much for that~ and TAKE CARE~ :P

he is darker than usual.. (cause he is really white usually) because not long ago in Japan for his drama he went to Okinawa area which is all sunshine there... therefore he got a quiet dark tan...

His English... I know will be really bad ... cause I heard him saying it before ... -__-

For his height ... he just always said he is short... cause his dad is a 180cm around person ... >_< So bad that he just ... eh... short HAHA~

Anyway ~ thank you very much for all this~ >_< and please take some rest yourself too ~ :)


Natsumi said...

Hi Wayne,

I'm a big fan of Koichi too.
Thank you so much for sharing all the details.

do you mind if I share the link of your artical on my blog? I'm sure my fan friends are dying to read this. :D

looking forward for this film and we are going to look for you there :D good luck with your career!


Natsumi said...

Thank you for allowing me to share your report!

looking forward to your 'details on set' and pictures. did you get to do some kongfu and throw sushi on people's faces? ;)

btw, i just noticed one of the youtube clips was uploaded by me. lol~ what a small world.

Tina said...

Hello Wayne:
Thank you for sharing all of this=)
please taking some rest and take a good cake of yoursaelf :)

Anonymous said...

Hello Wayne!!!

*HUGS* You!!!!!

I was directed here from Natsumi's blog!

Gosh!!! I live in the U.S. too and I'm a HUGE fan of Kochan also. Thank you!Thank you! Thank you! for sharing this with us. Even if you only have two lines in the movie you've lived through what all of us Kochan fans dream about, you acted with him and you saw him too...

I truly can NOT wait for the movie or drama to come out. I'll be watching for the both of you!!!!

Thank you again so much!!!!

duotiger (aka Francine)

element said...

Hi, Wayne,
Thank you so much for sharing with us what you saw and you did on the scene! Yes, I'm a KOICHI's FAN, too! If you have a chance to watch the musical called "ENDLESS SHOCK", you will understand why my sons and I become KOCHAN's fans. Kochan is a great professional entertainer. Maybe his English is not good. Given that he has no chance in further his study in English, this is why he cannot speak fluent English. However, he can pronounce "good" English in the songs he composes. Really appreciate your kindness and generous sharing! Wish you all the very best!