Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Sushi Oji

Tomorrow, I will be filming my awesome TWO-LINERS for the Japanese Indie film, "Sushi Prince Goes to N.Y."

Those of you are familiar, it is the movie version of Japanese Manga "Sushi Oji" as well as it's TV series.

Here is a commercial for the TV series:

I have never read the manga, nor saw the TV servies... But based on bits of clips here and there... It looks like a very fun project.

Too bad, I only have two lines, and a split second screen time... Gotta get some rest tonight so I won't look like Sh*t tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

good luck~haha~~~ =) and talk to you tonight after you finish~ =)
And when the movie release I will check you out there ~~~wah haha~~~=)


Anonymous said...

by the way ~ is it a manga??? >.<
and the TV series is not out yet hehe~ So I haven't see it yet too ~~haha~~~=)


Anonymous said...

OHHHH, I am a big fan of Kochan~

Would you mind give some details about him? I mean, how do you think about him? How is the whole film shooting~~ The detailed the better~~~
I appreciate it~~

Anonymous said...

OMG, I am huge fan of koichi~~~
Thanks so much for the information. Pls pls tell us more about koichi and the movie~~~~

Good luck!

ryo said...

Hi Wayne,

I got your site from Nana. May I ask your permission to repost your Sushi Prince's posting in my blog?