Tuesday, September 18, 2007

"New York Lately"

"New York Lately" - Feature Film
Pay Scale: No pay, copy of film, credit, meals provided
Submissions must be received by: 10/31/2007
Send headshot/resume to: info@kitchentablefilms.com

A mosaic of several interrelated characters searching for happiness, love and divorce in New York City. The film "New York Lately" is a romantic dramedy following multiple characters as they weave through their daily lives searching for happiness. However, happiness to each of them is defined differently. With New York as its backdrop, the film explores various topics and themes such as: love, infidelity, obsession, loneliness, deception and fate. This feature will have planned distribution to Festival Circuit, Small Theatrical Run, DVD Distribution. For more information please visit the project website at http://www.nylatelymovie.com

Writer/Director: Gary King

Casting Dates:

- First Casting Date: Sun., 9/30 by appointment only
- Second Casting Date: Oct. Date TBD.

Shoot Date: Dec. 8-23, 2007 and Jan. 3-31, 2008

Talent is not required to shoot everyday of production. Actors will average 1- 8 shooting days depending on the role. We will make out best effort to accommodate schedules. Please be flexible during the shooting dates.

Female Roles:

- Truly: Female, any ethnicity, 20's. Talent should have singing ability and it is a plus if talent can play musical instrument. She is an aspiring singer. Truly is cute, sweet, struggles with finding time for friends/family and recording her demo. Singers/songwriters without acting experience may also submit.

- Veronica: Female, any ethnicity, 20's. She is an aspiring actress. Though beautiful she is insecure, trying to find her first big break.

- Lelia: Female, any ethnicity, 30's. The attractive bartender. A party girl, flirtatious; lonely.

- Andrea: Female, any ethnicity, 30's. Mark’s ex-girlfriend She is attractive and is an object of Mark’s obsession.

- Becky: Female, any ethnicity, 20's. David’s trophy wife She is beautiful, struggles to keep David’s fidelity.

- Julianne: Female, any ethnicity, 40's. A business professional. Elliot’s wife, cheating on her husband, cold personality.

- Heather: Female, any ethnicity, 20's. A private investigator. She is cute, spunky, full of energy, hired by Elliot to spy on his wife, Julianne.

- Kristine: Female, any ethnicity, 20's-30's. She is an actress. A nice sweet girl, polite, softspoken.

- Yolanda: Female, any ethnicity, 50's. The recently widowed wife of Fred. Always sad, desperate for Jared’s help.

Male Roles:

- Jared: Male, any ethnicity, 30's. A HR professional. He is not happy with his job; looking to find a girl to settle down with.

- Mark: Male, any ethnicity, 30's. The voiceover actor. He is handsome, struggling to deal with recent breakup; obsessed with his ex-girlfriend, Andrea.

- Brendon: Male, any ethnicity, 30's. A security guard, full of bravado; hiding his sexual addiction.

- Fred: Male, any ethnicity, 50's. The employee. Fred is weathered, fired from his job and fears for his family’s security.

- Nikko: Male, any ethnicity, 60's. The jazz musician, a wise older man who lives like a survivor. Talent that can play a musical instrument is a plus.

- David: Male, any ethnicity, 50's. The business executive He is polished, ruggedly handsome, married with wandering eye, believes he owns everyone, arrogant.

- Michael: Male, any ethnicity, 20's. Model-type, attractive, nice body, Julianne’s boy toy; sensitive.

- Elliot: Male, any ethnicity, 40's. The bestselling author. He is aging gracefully, unhappily married, knows his wife, Julianne is cheating on him.

- Anthony: Male, any ethnicity, 20's. The corporate manager with a mean streak; cocky.

- Jared's Manager: Male, any ethnicity, 50's. The HR Director. He is passionless, sticks to the status quo.

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