Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Long Due Update

My, I can't believe that I haven't blogged for such a long time. I'm pretty been pretty much STUCK with the busy busy busy day job life.
But I did manage to work some acting/voice over gig here and there.

There have been a lot of changes with my production schedule. Two of the films had be 'cancelled' due to either location problems, or conflicts among the talent and the crew's schedule.

1) "Poppin' In" - Status Pending. I guess I'll just have to wait until Billy is all crewed up and secured the location...

2) "In a Musical World" - Status Pending. The director mentioned that he'd like to shoot it sometime this month. But I'm pretty booked up over my weekends... I'm not sure how we are going to rearrange that. But I definately would LOVE to work on this short film. I mean, I have not DANCE in any of my gigs.... So, this would be a first.

Last weekend, I finished filming my scene for the indie film "Fallen From Grace." I must say, I really disappointed myself and the director. Aside from making everyone wait 45 minutes (I late to the set) - I also couldn't deliever the performance that I thought I would. Kenny (the director) and Jorge (the DP) had high hope for the scene - but after 6+ takes for each scenes that we shot, only 1 or 2 of the scene was okay. (Only OKAY - not excellent) I didn't know where my confidence went when we shot the scene. I think the last time I felt so helpless and lost on a shoot, was 5 years ago, when I was filming my very FIRST student film....
I really like Kenny and Jorge. They are wonderful people. I feel so depressed for disappointed them. I really want the film to do well. I want them to be successful.

So, for those of you actors (or beginning actors) who are reading this... Here are what I learned from this experience:

1) Have a good night sleep. (I only had 4 hours of sleep. By the time I went to the set, I was already mentally and physically exhausted)
2) Know your lines. Know it well. (I actually had my lines memorized quite well earlier in the week. But again, the lack of sleep and line changes got my all tensed up)
3) Overlook the pressure. I should have ONLY focused more on the performance. (I got really nervous, because the footage will be used to pitch for sponsors for donations and fundings...)
4) Eat Something. (Because one of the scene require me to wear only an underwear. I have been doing a lot of toning excercising and restricted my diet for the entire month. I think I got really burnt out when it comes to the shoot date)

I just really have to pray hard to the Post-Production God, hope everything will turned out okay, and there will be enough good footages to use....


So, what do I have next?

I have got two more short film to complete before the end of the month.

1) Mr. International. I worked with the director (Renee) on his previous short film, "Decisions." I was thrilled when he called and invited me back to play the lead role for his 2nd film. This time, the theme is about a detective (me) interviewing a series of people to uncover the truth behind all the drama.... We are aiming to film the 2nd to the last weekend of March. (It's a dramatic comedy)

2) Golden Seas. The shoot will take place in New Jersey. The director was kind enough to provide transportation and loedging for the talents. I will be protraiting the manager of the restaurant (one of the leads) that was caught in the emotional and situation, that result in... uh, well, it's a drama. I mean, hardcore drama. Filming will take place in the last week of March.

In between, I have to finish a Voice Over recording for a software, a featured-extra role of "Passengers of 7D," pick-up shots for PinkSlip Film, and audition for "Forbidden City West" musical.

Oh yeah, that reminds me - YANGTZE THEATRE OF AMERICA (I worked with them last year, for the production of Love in Tears and Laughter) is hodling an open audition this month!!

Yangtze Repertory Theatre will be holding auditions for the premiere of its production of FORBIDDEN CITY WEST, an original musical in English with 3 scenes in Cantonese and Toishanese Chinese, with bilingual subtitles, on 100 years of Chinese American experience through the life and times of the legendary entertainer, Jadin Wong, written and directed by Joanna Chan, Artistic Director.

SEEKING: all 20 leading and supporting roles for (A) ENGLISH SPEAKING PARTS: Jadin Wong (age 15-45, dancing a must); Jadin Wong (age 60-80, no dancing required); Mother at age 15 (dancing a must); Mother at mature age (no dancing necessary); Wally Wong (age 18-60; singing a must); Eugene, a Chinese screenwriter (age 30, no singing or dancing required); an ensemble of 3 Caucasian actors, 3 Caucasian actresses, 4 Asian actress and 4 Asian actors (singing and dancing a must) in multiple roles, including that of the Broadway producer, Eddie Dowling. (B) CANTONESE/TOISHANESE SPEAKIGN PARTS: 4 Chinese actors (a bit of singing required).

Auditions will be held on Wed., Mar. 26; Thurs., Mar. 27, Sunday, Mar. 30 and Monday, Mar. 31 in Transfiguration Church auditorium at 29 Mott Street in Chinatown (enter from side door on Mosco Street) from 6:00 p.m. till 8:30 p.m. Please prepare brief monologue and a short song and dance routine. The production will run for 16 performances from June 13 till July 2 at Johnson Theater at Theater For The New City Rehearsals to be held in the evenings of Mon., Wed., Thurs. and Sun. begin on Wednesday, April 2. Also seeking (knowledge in Chinese language not necessary) 2 assistants to the director and technical crew for the production. STIPEND. NON-EQUITY.


I'm thinking,
Okay, that's all - love ya love ya!!!!

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