Friday, March 21, 2008

The return of the Depressed Wayne

It's not the first time this happened, but I think I'm having a long period of depression.

An email was sent by the director of Fallen From Grace, and we are all informed that they have decided not to continue to film the remaining footage. This came as a bit of a shock for me - It really made me felt that I have disappointed a lot of people - and myself.

I have always been quite confident when I approach a project, and well prepared. But for this one time, I have fallen-apart.

Browsing through the internet, and been printing out information from Williiam Esper Studio and Maggie Flanigan Studio... I have been wanting to take further studies to refine my craft since last year. But my day job has been keeping me extremely busy - as well as various of film projects. Aside for sharpening my technique, I still have to get rid of my accent.

Everything costs so much money... I can't believe this. The classes are so expensive... So expensive...

Oh gosh, My mind is wondering everywhere... I hope I can full myself up in time for this weekend's "Mr. International" shoot. I got 20+ pages of lines to memorize... and still have to prepare 4 wardrobe changes....

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